My new custom t-shirt

My new custom t-shirt has arrived all the way from the states. When choosing the shirt i decided to customize it a little. I decided to vastly enlarge the logo to fill the front of the shirt instead of the normal small one.
The website did advise me that the picture cold be pixelated and [...]

Two week post OP visit - Tomorrow

I go back to hospital tomorrow for my visit to my consultant. It will be 14 days since my operation. To be honest i have mixed feelings about the visit. I want to know how my leg is healing and to make sure everything is moving in the right direction. I was told very little [...]

Day 12 Post OP - ICE & REST…..???

I keep reading people who mention Ice and rest, Ok, I understand the rest side of things bit not the ICE? I am nearly two weeks post op and i have a half cast on my leg that runs down the back of my leg, under my heel to my toes.
My confusion here is how [...]