Operation Day

Well I had eventually got into hospital and my operation was due at 2.30pm. The morning went very quick even though I was quite nervous about the op the time did seem to fly. I eventually traveled the short journey to the operating theatre and met the anesthetist, I think he could tell I was [...]


29th Sept 08
Well it has been a week since I went for my appointment with the consultant and I was told that I need an operation. As yo know from my previous post I had been put on a rolling list for a bed to be available for me to go in for my op. [...]

Visit to Consultant

22nd Sept08
After spending the weekend in the house and wondering how the hell I had snapped my Achilles the time had come to go to see the Consultant. I got to the hospital and straight away my temporary weekend plaster was removed. I had never had any part of my body in plaster before and to [...]

Accident & Emergency Hospital Visit - Nightmare Part 2

19th Sept08
Well I finally arrived at the second hospital at around 6.00pm, about 85 minutes after I sustained the injury. I walked in to the waiting reception area and checked in. It was very busy for that tie of night so i just sat down and waited my turn. After around 45 minutes the pain [...]

Accident & Emergency Hospital Visit - Nightmare Part 1

19th Sept08
I was experiencing really bad pain now and every pot hole, bump and man hole cover in the road that the car went over vibrated through my leg. I got the hospital in around 15 minutes and I quickly got out the car and into a wheel chair. I went into the hospital entrance………..which was [...]

Achilles Hell

19th Sept08
It was Friday 19th September 2008 and I was about 25 minutes into a soccer match. It was a 10 a-side game between work colleagues from my old school. I was playing upfront (unusual for me) and I was waiting for a cross to come over from the left wing. I had stood just [...]