The First Bath

I had my first bath since my ATR, I know I am really lucky as I am only 3 weeks 3 days post op. My surgeon fitted me with a boot after 2 weeks post op. I am not really a ‘bath’ person as I mainly have showers.
But this bath was sheer bliss…………and the ankle [...]

Two week post OP visit - Tomorrow

I go back to hospital tomorrow for my visit to my consultant. It will be 14 days since my operation. To be honest i have mixed feelings about the visit. I want to know how my leg is healing and to make sure everything is moving in the right direction. I was told very little [...]

Day 12 Post OP - ICE & REST…..???

I keep reading people who mention Ice and rest, Ok, I understand the rest side of things bit not the ICE? I am nearly two weeks post op and i have a half cast on my leg that runs down the back of my leg, under my heel to my toes.
My confusion here is how [...]

Day 10 Post OP - Stitches or Staples?

I was never told what they had put my wound back together with after my op. I have read and seen pictures on here of both. I have stitches in wounds before and always had the itching/tugging feeling a few days before they are due to come out and I amĀ  getting that now. I [...]

Day 8 Post OP - Worried - In pain with Good Leg….!

Well its 8 days now since the op and my ATR feels ok. I still get the throbbing when I use the crutches to move around the house but as soon as i sit down and put my leg up it feels fine. I am completely off the pain killers for over 36 hours now [...]

Day 7 Post OP

Well i finally got up to date with my posts. My leg is doing ok and not in really any pain. Constipation seems to be subsiding and I’m nearly returning to some normality ( too much information for some people )
I had a weird feeling this morning I was lying in bed sort of [...]

Day 6 Post OP

5th Oct 08
Well i have finally got down to 2 pain killers a day now and that’s to help me have a good nights sleep. I am glad really because the constipation has got a little bad. I have been today but I am far from being back to normal and the bloated feeling still [...]

Day 4 Post Op

3rd Oct 08
Well I am a fair bit of pain but the pain killers are doing there job. If i keep my leg elevated it is ok, I have read other people need to keep their legs raised above their heart levels but to be honest I have not found this. As long as i [...]

Day 2 Post OP

30th Sept 08
I had a visit from physio and orthopedic therapist. They tested me on use of the crutches with a walk and also stair use and I was ok. I asked a few questions to put my mind at rest and then they told me I should be able to go home that night. [...]