One week out of the boot………….!

Well it has been a week now since i was released from the boot. The first few days were very weird and felt unstable. TO use the word walk is not right so i need to sue the word HOBBLE. I found it really weird at first and kept walking with my leg sticking out. I listened to what fellow sufferers advised me and its worked. If i concentrate i can pretty much walk with it straight now but as i get tired towards the end of work it does lapse a bit. My hobble is not as bad as it was 7 days ago so i suppose there is slight improvement. As of yet i have had no physio due tot he surgeon saying i don’t need any yet and just to get walking. I am now at the point i think i need some. It is really stiff at times and i am scared to do my own stretches in case i do more harm than good. I have tried self massage techniques around the area but i don’t really think i am making much difference.

So I am going to seek a private physio session or two before Christmas to see if i can get some advice or improvement. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Daz,
    Are you driving yet?


  2. No,

    Not attempted it, not sure if ia m ready yet.

  3. I had therapy soon after I received my boot. I spent 4 weeks in a cast no weight bearing, two weeks in a full weight bearing cast. received my boot at 7 weeks. Two weeks in a boot with walking barefoot around the house. Keep in mind during these two weeks I was undergoing therapy. After two weeks in the boot it was back to wearing sneakers. Had a slight limp but that is getting better. Seems if walk for awhile my limp is apparent. I think it’s due to leg being weak. Am making progress!! Nice to hear how others are doing and what they are going through. Not fun is it???

    Take care


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