First few steps without the walking boot.

I don’t officially come fully out of the walking boot until another 5 days, but i have been walking around the house and have also been a walk around the block. I first walked around the house with no crutches at all with┬áthe heel insert just in my sock and did this for 2-3 days. Then i tried walking around the house in my shoes with the heel insert in that. Finally yesterday I have been out the house with my shoes on as well but with the help of one crutch. The first walk took an eternity to cover such a short distance but i was careful and din tot have any real pain. My Achilles area is very tight ands stiff and this again makes me think I should get physio even though my orthopedic surgeon said I would do need one. I have used the word ‘walk’ loosely here when actually if far more of an hobble than a walk.

I also took my very first ’standing’ shower for 10 weeks today which was amazing. I had been showering by sitting on a stool in the shower because of the fear of slipping. I stood with my bad led slightly outstretched and towards the end i could feel it aching near my scar but it was well worth it. After i sat down for 5 minutes later the ache had gone.

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  1. Congrats Daz! I started without the boot about a week ago. Watch the good foot though. Mine is really hurting, especially in the arch. I developed a huge bulge in the muscle there so I bought a foot massager (HoMedics, I don’t know if they sell them in the UK) and it works really well.

  2. Thanks stgmo,

    My good Achilles has started hurting again like it did when i first went into plaster after the op and then the boot. I guess it gets used to the eight difference with then boot and no i am asking it to get back to normal walking.

    I think I will need to do a bit of massaging myself.

  3. Hello Daz,
    Well done on your progress. Can you stand with your feet together with them both flat on the floor?


  4. HI Richard,

    Yes I can stand like that., although my foot tends to want to turn out naturally at the moment.

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