8 week post OP appointment.

I have not been on here or posted for 4 weeks. To be honest I got a bit fed up of computers, Internet etc but i think it was getting to me as it was the only thing i could do so i decided to steer clear of it all for a while. Anyway the consultant decided to keep me in my boot for another 10 days to see of the last 4 heel strips over the 10 days, then i go into my shoe. Drive after 2 weeks of coming out of boot, further appointment at the end of Jan to check progress……………but no Physio.


I am worried about the no physio. He said i should be OK just getting my use back by walking. This seems to contradict everything I have ever read about physio. Every other blogger says how important the physio is…..

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  1. I had my surgery three days before you and have been to PT for two plus weeks now. I can not tell you how much I have progressed because of the PT work and the exercises they recommended for me at home. I am now walking in two shoes with virtually no limp and have regained most of my flexibility. I doubt I would have had the same progress without PT.

    I would ask your doctor why he said no Physio - did you have a severe rupture?

  2. Hi Daz,
    As you’re in the uk I assume you’re under the NHS.

    I too was told by ortho that no physio was required and that walking would be my recovery.

    I decided to get private physio and it has made a world of difference as they can monitor and adjust your recovery.
    The one thing I would try before paying for physio is to phone the hospital that treated you and speak directly to the physiotherapy dept. Explain that you have an ATR and that you want physio. They should book you in. Apparently the reason that orthos don’t refer you for physio is that if they refer you the treatment comes out of their budget, but if you go directly to the Physio dept and they treat you it comes out of thier budget. I have a friend who is a PT and she’s always miffed that they don’t get the referrals as they know that they make a real difference to the recovery.

    Happy healing,

  3. Hi Daz,

    Wondered what had happened to you, but glad your still ‘alive’.

    Even though I had my op private the surgeon said only 3 physio sessions needed, which clearly wasn’t enough. I paid privately for 6 more sessions. Have just now been out for a walk to get my lunch. Instead of going to shop nearest office I went to the next block to walk just that bit more, I find walking has helped, but this cold weather makes me limp a bit by the time I get back.

    I am contemplating going to see my GP to see if I can get some NHS physio, we have one within our GP surgery, not sure if I will be able to get it with having op private, the usual conflict will probably mean I cannot.

    Try and push your GP to get you physio sessions, tell them you feel you need it to help with scar tissue.


  4. @JasonK
    Thanks for replying Jason. Did you also have the walking boot? Also my doctor said it was a full rupture but a straight forward operation and only a 2 inch gap in the rupture, not one of there you hear about that shoots up the leg.

    Thanks Jon, you don’t know how much you have cheered me up and put my mind at rest.

    Yes still alive, lost interest as i said and after the first month the lack of movement and being stuck in the house all the while got me down. Thaks ofr your post, I will phone the hospital today.

  5. Hi Daz

    I had a full rupture (2inch gap)… etc etc…… I went conservative…… I am 15 weeks post rupture… had a cast on 8 weeks….. went straight to shoes…….had 6 physio sessions (to date) with ultrasound heat treatment…… the physio has helped a lot including the stretching exercises (at home, and wife pulling the tendons laying down)…… can do a heal lift (with two feet… one foot still tricky)…… but the physio is a must ….. and unless there is good medical reason…. you MUST insist on the physio sessions…… how they get the money to do them I do not know… but the lack of finance is no excuse….. just insist… and find out why ?

  6. Dazf -

    I had a walking boot for weeks 4-6. At the 6 week mark I would only wear the boot in public. I think I was more fearful of the people around me and what they may do rather then my ability to walk again. At the 8 week mark I completely ditched the boot. But it is my opinion that I would not have progressed as well as I did without PT. I would push your doctor for physio treatment if you feel you are ready.

  7. Hello Dazf,
    At my last visit, my Ortho asked if I “would like to try some physio” I said I thought it was part of the recovery to which he told me that is not so. He said it was my choice whether to go or not. He told me that my tendon would eventually recover on it’s own through normal use. He mentioned about ½ of his patients don’t go. I have not attended physio yet and already from the last 4 days of walking, bending, leaning and stretching it, I can see a dramatic improvement in my use and flexibility. I’m all about going to PT because I think that it will speed up my recovery. I think it will, whether it does or not remains to be seen, but I won’t know until I give it a try.

    I’m curious about whether your NHS will let you go to PT if your Dr doesn’t approve it or feel it’s necessary?

  8. Hey, this is my first comment on ur site. I’ve been reading it for a while in my RSS reader but haven’t commented before. :) Anyways, thanks for the post.

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