4 weeks…two shoes.

I read all I could on this injury and it appears to have helped me in this process.  i was fairly cautious about actually writing what I did, for fear of getting talked out of it on this site.  I pretty much was full weight bearing after 2 weeks.  I had a Frankenstein-style walk but it limited any real force toward my Achilles.  In my defense, several studies i read  suggested that this would actually be beneficial in the long run.  Being an active individual; I felt like taking the risk.  That attitude has caused trouble in the past, but has also yielded some great rewards.   I would rather rupture my Achilles again that sit on a couch for 6 months (ask me that after I rupture my Achilles again). 

Well, visited the Doc on 1/21 and he told me to ditch the boot and start walking in shoes.  He supplied a heal insert for a little help in this process.  The first day was horrible.  I wanted to put the boot back on; I was fearless with it.  Today was a lot better.  I can’t believe the added mobility I have after one day.  

One thing I did that helped; I took a lot of lessons from YouTube.  It’s amazing how helpful that site can be.  It has helped me in many areas/hobbies; not just this.  Anyway, I taught myself some exercises and  I practice them at my desk.  It actually cures some of the boredom i encounter looking into a work filled computer screen. 

The Doc did suggest PT, but I do not want to spend the money or time.  Unless I read other blogs on the wonders of PT, I think I’ll just try and find my way through this on my own. 

I wish everyone the best in their recovery. 

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  1. Kudos to you for going FWB in two weeks. I think I said it on my post but yeah, my personal thought is that it’s better for me to be “walking” ala Uncle Fester/Frankenstein style than to let the rest of my leg muscles totally deteriorate while I’m R.I.C.E.’ing.

    Already out of the boot in 4 weeks seems pretty early, but I guess your doc would know. After reading some of people’s blogs…I’m getting to realize that every experience is quite unique and there are so many approaches to the healing process. It is definitely nice to know I’m not the only one with the fear of re-rupture while also having a deep determination to get back out there. But I think I’m going to do things differently this time around. I’m going to take my “workouts” more seriously and have a regular regimen in addition to the sports and other activities.

    I don’t know why it didn’t really occur to me that I could/would rupture my other tendon. I got to thinking that it was a freak accident the first time around because I’m rather young but turns out that weak tendons run in my family - go figure that I would find out “after the fact”. Anyway, guess my point is…in regard to a comment you made on my site…yes, your other tendon can rupture and probably more likely to rupture than for you to have a re-rupture (if the original one completely heals)….UNLESS…you work on strengthening the “good” tendon as well as the “bad” one. Sucks that I realize now that the Right POP! was somewhat avoidable. I could’ve bought the heel raiser inserts along with a number of other things.

    All that said, it does suck the second time around but it’s not _as_ bad…at least I don’t think so. Not that I’d wish it on anyone, but it’s certainly not the end of the world. *^_^* Keep on walking - your trip won’t be nearly as long as it seems. Take care.

  2. btw - yay for 992s. LOL.

  3. I’m in a similar boat. I was FWB after 2 weeks post op. I felt it was really odd i had no pain or discomfort. I only have tightness taking a step fwd. Were you walking normal at 4 weeks with no limp?

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