1 day post op…

Of all the days for my internet not to work, it was yesterday.

Well, the surgery went great; so they say.  The anesthesia was painful.  I was totally relaxed and the guy made my arm feel like it was bitten by a Black Mamba.  The next feeling I had was someone pulling a tube out of my throat and it was all over.

My maintenance has not gone all that well.  I fell this morning and I am in a ton of pain.  My doctor says that I will be fine based on my description of the incident/pain.  I would imagine the first tweek scares a lot of people.

I was able to sleep a total of 4 hours.  I did find one position that I feel will make sleeping easier this next time around.  I was able to have my leg feel its best sleeping on my stomach with my toe just off the bed facing the ground.  Sleeping on my back was near impossible.

I did venture outside for the first time and I could go to work if I felt like it.  However, I think I am going to just sit at home, watch some movies and eat pain pills.  Other than that, I look forward to reading some more blogs about post surgery.

Oh, the pain is a constant throbbing and is kept in check by the Vicoden.   In the end, post-surgery pain was not as bad as I anticipated.  If you have ever had a broken bone, that is much worse in the short term, IMO.  Long term is a different story; or so I hear.

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  1. Hey Dax, well the hardest part is right now. I fell the day after as well–I think we all do. Hurt like a b****. As for sleeping my covers were out of the question, I just used blankets and slept well courtesy of our good friends Percocet and Vicodin (ibuprofin does wonders too because of the anti-inflammatory effects, and can be taken at the same time as the others). The pain I think is due to a) your incision (you just got cut open and deeply) and b) the inevitable swelling. For A take some pain meds and for B keep the foot up as high as possible as much possible–we all say it but it does make a HUGE difference–and ice. Not doing so can slow recovery and healing, not to mention add to your physical pain. The overall pain is shortlived hoever, and will soon subside.

    So did you get a nice splint along the back of your leg, with a big wrap around the whole thing?

  2. I can imagine that slip of yours must have scared the heck out of you. Like you I have a constant pain in my leg. I guess we can comisserate together. The recovery hurts worse than getting the actual injury. I’ll be thinking of ya when I pop my next two vicadin in about 10 minutes!

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