Surgery 12/16 and thank you

Well, due to this site:

I went to see my surgeon today feeling informed on treatment and timelines.  When he said he wanted me in a cast for 6 weeks, boot for 2 weeks and then start full weight bearing I nearly fell out of my chair.  I asked him for the alternatives and then asked if he knew doctors with more aggressive treatment.  He said no, that this was the treatment.  I will not go into what I think about this individual as a person.

I called the doctor who referred me to this guy and I could tell he was miffed at the treatment.  Hopefully he will stop referring to this particular doctor (He supported early movement in our previous appointment).  Anyway, I asked him for another referral.   He called back in a few minutes and gave me a name.  The new Doc was expecting the call and his office squeezed me in.

This new guy seemed a lot more intense and he even had residents following him.  I thought that was great.  I told him I wanted an aggressive treatment and that the other doctor wanted me to be in a cast for 6 weeks.  The doctor goes into a huge diatribe why surgery is a better option and that I should shy away from not having surgery with my injury…I stopped him and tell him it was surgery and 6 weeks in cast.  His reaction “Really?”.  Anyway, I will be getting a boot and no cast.  After 10 days I will begin to encourage movement.  I am actually excited to begin this process.

With the experiences shared on this site, some additional reading, I feel like i made an informed decision that will positively effect my life.  Thank you.

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    The BEST post I have ever read here on the ol’ blog! YOU Rock!

    I am celebrating four months post op this week! :)))) I had a cast for ONE week only and then the boot but had to make sure that I was NOT weight bearing for the first four weeks. My Achilles was completely removed from the bone, bone “spur” removed and tendon lengthed and re-attached. I think the awesome “sewing” in a controlled way saved me, coupled with the experience of the Doc! I spoke to one of his nurses who had the same thing done which helped (I was lucky)

    The PT i had was a joke. I went to seven visits and quit and they sent me a bill (not discussed before for more than the surgery!!!). HA!

    My Doctor informed me of everything he could, did a fantastic job, (even though it was more extensive than anticipated) and then the follow up has been awesome. Good UPDATED surgeons are out there, if you look for them. If not, the insurance companies help with protocols. If a Doc tells you he just wrote a book chapter on the subject, it kinda helps to trust him :) . As a nurse, I know what can happen. Through sometimes no fault of anyone’s stuff happens….so the more one takes the information they can find and question it, the better.

    I too learned from this blog which is why I keep coming back when I have a chance to check up. I learned too that the Chiropractic option is a good one too! Research your rehab now if you can….best of luck and let us know how you do!

  2. Dax–absolutely awesome and I am glad you had the courage to question your dr. and treatment protocol. Good luck on Tuesday too–you will be exactly 4 wks after me and with your good attitude will probably pass me! :)

  3. sounds like aggressive prototocols might be right for you. i actually talked with my middle of the road doc about protocols that are more aggressive than the standard 6 weeks in cast, and decided against. My doctors rather compelling point was that t he worst thing that can happen in Achilles recovery is re-rupture, not 6 weeks in a cast instead of 2.

    It seems that aggressive protocols are worth the risk for those who HAVE to be mobile early (earn money by standing on your feet) . I earn money sitting on my butt and really don’t want to re-rupture. What I haven’t found is good studies on risks associated with early mobility.

    Of course last week when I was still in a cast, I was strongly in favor of aggressive treatments. Get me out of this damned cast now! In boot and mobile now so I’m a little more patient :)

    Still - good for you for the courageous approach. Everything is always better when you do it your own way.

  4. Well, it looks like things are happening more quickly for you than they are for me. I know that my recovery will not be as aggressive as yours. I am looking forward to seeing how everything turns out for you. Good Luck on your surgery Tuesday. Hopefully I will be right with you within a day or so.

  5. daxmatthew: How did your surgery go? Are you okay? Hang in there. The worst for me was the first 48 hours post-op. It keeps getting better from there!

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