Day 6

I do not know how things work in other areas of the country;  In Iowa is seems like every aspect of this procedure is out-sourced.  My MRI was just that; a trip to an MRI place.  Tomorrow or the day after the doctor I went to see will evaluate the MRI and I am sure he will refer me to a surgeon that can handle the job.  I tried to avoid this by looking up the doctor before my initial visit.  All signs pointed to this guy knowing what he was doing.  I thought I could 1 stop shop, but this is not the case.

Well the MRI was weird.  I knew nothing was touching my foot however it felt like a massage.  I found it hard to sit still for the 25 minute duration.  I usually do not have a hard time not moving; I just have a hard time not moving when told not to move.

Anyway, for the people that have responded to my posts, thank you.  I listen and apply your advice to my life.  I will visit your blogs and learn about your experiences as well.  Enjoy the day.

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  1. Well I am up to 3 different doctors offices at the moment, my primary care physician, the MRI, and the specialist. I believe I have one more to go, that being the surgical building. You were lucky, I was in that MRI machine for about 50 minutes. It wasn’t uncomfortable, except for the room which was FREEZING!!

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