Day 5

MRI is tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting started (the sooner I start the faster I will have those first few stages completed).  I am also working on getting the place ready for a lumbering idiot.  I have rid my place of unnecessary end tables and other obstructions.  I have also planned a trip to the store where I anticipate spending a small fortune on canned and frozen foods.

One of the big worries is that I live in a city where I do not have any family.  It is pretty scary not knowing what I am facing.  There will be no mother making me soup.  On top of that, we are heading into the bad months of winter.  For some reason, I like the seasons and the cold has never bothered me.  However, I would kill to be living in a warmer climate.  I imagine Ice and crutches are not a good mix.

Other than that, here I sit.  I imagine I will be doing lots of this.  Take care everyone and I hope your foot feels fine.

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  1. I feel your fear about the winter as when I got out of the hospital from my surgery, it had snowed and I was scared as all get out to crutch my way from the car into the house. But soon enough you will be feeling really confident and moving around quite nicely. I have rented a wheelchair so that I can keep my leg elevated but be very mobile around the house. Actually I got it so that I could be mobile at work but the doc said I can’t go back to work until after my first post-op visit. With the wheelchair, as long as you keep your food at a certain level in the frig, you can stay well fed. I pull a chair up to the stove so that I can rest my knee on it and cook. Don’t worry, it won’t take long and you will be moving around great. Not the “lumbering idiot” at all!
    I can’t offer any advice about that sitting around. I am really sufferring from the boredom of it myself.
    Good luck and take care.

  2. Dax- Getting your place ready is a good idea. Don’t need any tripping hazards. I can relate to your story some. I’m doing this recovery pretty much solo. What I did to cope with some of the boredom was read as many stories on achilles blog as I could. I think I know as much as my surgeon. I caught up on some Lost season DVDs & did as little as possible because I don’t want any set backs. I tried to break the injury down in stages. Splint-cast-boot-2 shoes. I found that has helped me mentally.

    One of the biggest parts for me was just waiting to have the surgery done. Once that was done I was okay. I know it’s a cliche and I didn’t believe it but each day DOES get better.

    Happy Healing Hawkeye!

  3. Hey daxmatthew–reading this blog helps, but be sure to try to get out if you can. For around the house and worker I rented a Roller Aid ( and that really helped so I could carry things like drinks and food, help with laundry, you name it. Stairs still suck but oh well.

    Hey good luck today too on the MRI, and hopefully your dr. gets your surgery scheduled right away. Keep us updated.

  4. Hey, just thinking about your MRI today and waiting to hear what you found out. Hope you aren’t hurting too bad. Hang in there!


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