Day 0

First of all, I misspelled strange in my blog name.  Due to my mistake, the readers of this blog will have to learn about Stange, Norway.  I’ve never blogged before and if the name can be changed I would appreciate the advice.  For my first post I will spare you the education of some obscure piece of land…

I am writing this less than 2.5 hours since my accident.  I was playing basketball and as my confidence rose so did my aggressiveness.  The next thing you know it felt like a brink came down from the heavens and landed on the back of my ankle.  Simultaneously a “pop” reverberated through my entire body…I was actually astonished that nobody else heard my life taking a drastic turn.   As I sat there the others, mostly strangers, were offering whatever support they could.  We obtained some ice and I relaxed in a chair pain free with my leg elevated and resting.  I iced the leg for about 25 minutes and the walk to the car made me hopeful that this may be a tweak and not a rupture.  After reading and performing some of the basic tests physicians use to determine severity; it appears that this is a rupture.

I stumbled upon this web-site and I wanted to start the healing process as soon as I could.   I will go to the doctor tomorrow and I am hopeful to get an immobalization boot.  I wish all of you well in your recovery and please wish me the best luck as well.  Thank you and I will see you all tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Day 0”

  1. daxmatthew,
    Just wanted to wish you well. Like you I am blogging for the first time. I hope that you don’t have to do as much convincing of your doctor as I did to start getting treatment. I will check out your blog, to compare with my treatment as we are on the same schedule for the most part.

  2. Ditto daxmatthew…my first blog and I had a hoops rupture as well. Best of luck on this strange journey!

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