1 day post op…

Of all the days for my internet not to work, it was yesterday.
Well, the surgery went great; so they say.  The anesthesia was painful.  I was totally relaxed and the guy made my arm feel like it was bitten by a Black Mamba.  The next feeling I had was someone pulling a tube out of [...]

Surgery 12/16 and thank you AchillesBlog.com

Well, due to this site:
I went to see my surgeon today feeling informed on treatment and timelines.  When he said he wanted me in a cast for 6 weeks, boot for 2 weeks and then start full weight bearing I nearly fell out of my chair.  I asked him for the alternatives and then asked [...]

Day 6

I do not know how things work in other areas of the country;  In Iowa is seems like every aspect of this procedure is out-sourced.  My MRI was just that; a trip to an MRI place.  Tomorrow or the day after the doctor I went to see will evaluate the MRI and I am sure [...]

Day 5

MRI is tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting started (the sooner I start the faster I will have those first few stages completed).  I am also working on getting the place ready for a lumbering idiot.  I have rid my place of unnecessary end tables and other obstructions.  I have also planned a [...]

Day 2

Well, the doc feels that it is ruptured.  I failed the Thompson test and it’s looking like surgery.  He did give me a 10% chance that surgery will not be needed.  I will have an MRI on Dec 9th.   Shortly after Dec 9 I should know the severity and course of action for my Achilles.   [...]

Day 0

First of all, I misspelled strange in my blog name.  Due to my mistake, the readers of this blog will have to learn about Stange, Norway.  I’ve never blogged before and if the name can be changed I would appreciate the advice.  For my first post I will spare you the education of some obscure [...]

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