Well, I ruptured the other one…

Crazy, and I am surprised that my old blog is still out there! My left tendon which snapped sometime ago has been great. With that said, in the back of my mind I’ve had the fear that this day would come with my other tendon. It’s always felt a little weak compared to my surgically repaired tendon.

Since the original rupture, which occured playing basketball,I have been active in running, yoga, and any team sports I have been invited to play. The only sport I have not played was basketball.  That is until last Saturday! I have been shooting hoops at my gym for sometime, but I finally decided to get into a game. It was the very first game since the rupture and it snapped! Unbelievable!!!

Anyway, I called the same surgeon and he had me in on Monday for an appointment, repaired on Tuesday, and here I sit on Wednesday! This time around seems a lot less painful. In addition, I’m actually better off professionally and in my personal life; so the stress has been greatly reduced. Oh, and these knee scooters are great. I had crutches the first time around and they sucked! Technology wins again (even though they’ve probably been around forever)!

If anyone wants to respond or talk about their adventure, feel free to write. I hope everyone is dong well and the injury is just a bump in the road!

4 weeks…two shoes.

I read all I could on this injury and it appears to have helped me in this process.  i was fairly cautious about actually writing what I did, for fear of getting talked out of it on this site.  I pretty much was full weight bearing after 2 weeks.  I had a Frankenstein-style walk but it limited any real force toward my Achilles.  In my defense, several studies i read  suggested that this would actually be beneficial in the long run.  Being an active individual; I felt like taking the risk.  That attitude has caused trouble in the past, but has also yielded some great rewards.   I would rather rupture my Achilles again that sit on a couch for 6 months (ask me that after I rupture my Achilles again). 

Well, visited the Doc on 1/21 and he told me to ditch the boot and start walking in shoes.  He supplied a heal insert for a little help in this process.  The first day was horrible.  I wanted to put the boot back on; I was fearless with it.  Today was a lot better.  I can’t believe the added mobility I have after one day.  

One thing I did that helped; I took a lot of lessons from YouTube.  It’s amazing how helpful that site can be.  It has helped me in many areas/hobbies; not just this.  Anyway, I taught myself some exercises and  I practice them at my desk.  It actually cures some of the boredom i encounter looking into a work filled computer screen. 

The Doc did suggest PT, but I do not want to spend the money or time.  Unless I read other blogs on the wonders of PT, I think I’ll just try and find my way through this on my own. 

I wish everyone the best in their recovery. 

been a while…

The holidays took me away from my computer and I have been slow to return.  I am sitting on hold for a paypal representative.  Anyway, my foot feels good; too good.  I seem to be putting weight on my foot before I am suppose to (with boot).  I hate that I am impatient.  I can not wait until I can swim or do some other activity to maintain some physical fitness.  I am so bored and all I do is eat, and not well.  NYE was fun and was my first real public appearance; I don’t think i disappointed.

I think I am going to sit and read some blogs.  I hope everyone is doing well and Go Hawks.

1 day post op…

Of all the days for my internet not to work, it was yesterday.

Well, the surgery went great; so they say.  The anesthesia was painful.  I was totally relaxed and the guy made my arm feel like it was bitten by a Black Mamba.  The next feeling I had was someone pulling a tube out of my throat and it was all over.

My maintenance has not gone all that well.  I fell this morning and I am in a ton of pain.  My doctor says that I will be fine based on my description of the incident/pain.  I would imagine the first tweek scares a lot of people.

I was able to sleep a total of 4 hours.  I did find one position that I feel will make sleeping easier this next time around.  I was able to have my leg feel its best sleeping on my stomach with my toe just off the bed facing the ground.  Sleeping on my back was near impossible.

I did venture outside for the first time and I could go to work if I felt like it.  However, I think I am going to just sit at home, watch some movies and eat pain pills.  Other than that, I look forward to reading some more blogs about post surgery.

Oh, the pain is a constant throbbing and is kept in check by the Vicoden.   In the end, post-surgery pain was not as bad as I anticipated.  If you have ever had a broken bone, that is much worse in the short term, IMO.  Long term is a different story; or so I hear.

Surgery 12/16 and thank you AchillesBlog.com

Well, due to this site:

I went to see my surgeon today feeling informed on treatment and timelines.  When he said he wanted me in a cast for 6 weeks, boot for 2 weeks and then start full weight bearing I nearly fell out of my chair.  I asked him for the alternatives and then asked if he knew doctors with more aggressive treatment.  He said no, that this was the treatment.  I will not go into what I think about this individual as a person.

I called the doctor who referred me to this guy and I could tell he was miffed at the treatment.  Hopefully he will stop referring to this particular doctor (He supported early movement in our previous appointment).  Anyway, I asked him for another referral.   He called back in a few minutes and gave me a name.  The new Doc was expecting the call and his office squeezed me in.

This new guy seemed a lot more intense and he even had residents following him.  I thought that was great.  I told him I wanted an aggressive treatment and that the other doctor wanted me to be in a cast for 6 weeks.  The doctor goes into a huge diatribe why surgery is a better option and that I should shy away from not having surgery with my injury…I stopped him and tell him it was surgery and 6 weeks in cast.  His reaction “Really?”.  Anyway, I will be getting a boot and no cast.  After 10 days I will begin to encourage movement.  I am actually excited to begin this process.

With the experiences shared on this site, some additional reading, I feel like i made an informed decision that will positively effect my life.  Thank you.

Day 6

I do not know how things work in other areas of the country;  In Iowa is seems like every aspect of this procedure is out-sourced.  My MRI was just that; a trip to an MRI place.  Tomorrow or the day after the doctor I went to see will evaluate the MRI and I am sure he will refer me to a surgeon that can handle the job.  I tried to avoid this by looking up the doctor before my initial visit.  All signs pointed to this guy knowing what he was doing.  I thought I could 1 stop shop, but this is not the case.

Well the MRI was weird.  I knew nothing was touching my foot however it felt like a massage.  I found it hard to sit still for the 25 minute duration.  I usually do not have a hard time not moving; I just have a hard time not moving when told not to move.

Anyway, for the people that have responded to my posts, thank you.  I listen and apply your advice to my life.  I will visit your blogs and learn about your experiences as well.  Enjoy the day.

Day 5

MRI is tomorrow and I am looking forward to getting started (the sooner I start the faster I will have those first few stages completed).  I am also working on getting the place ready for a lumbering idiot.  I have rid my place of unnecessary end tables and other obstructions.  I have also planned a trip to the store where I anticipate spending a small fortune on canned and frozen foods.

One of the big worries is that I live in a city where I do not have any family.  It is pretty scary not knowing what I am facing.  There will be no mother making me soup.  On top of that, we are heading into the bad months of winter.  For some reason, I like the seasons and the cold has never bothered me.  However, I would kill to be living in a warmer climate.  I imagine Ice and crutches are not a good mix.

Other than that, here I sit.  I imagine I will be doing lots of this.  Take care everyone and I hope your foot feels fine.

Day 2

Well, the doc feels that it is ruptured.  I failed the Thompson test and it’s looking like surgery.  He did give me a 10% chance that surgery will not be needed.  I will have an MRI on Dec 9th.   Shortly after Dec 9 I should know the severity and course of action for my Achilles.   Kind of depressed about the whole deal, but on the bright side the doc said that I would not need a cast (plaster/fiberglass) after surgery.  I hate the idea of a hard non-removable cast.  Until next entry…

Day 0

First of all, I misspelled strange in my blog name.  Due to my mistake, the readers of this blog will have to learn about Stange, Norway.  I’ve never blogged before and if the name can be changed I would appreciate the advice.  For my first post I will spare you the education of some obscure piece of land…

I am writing this less than 2.5 hours since my accident.  I was playing basketball and as my confidence rose so did my aggressiveness.  The next thing you know it felt like a brink came down from the heavens and landed on the back of my ankle.  Simultaneously a “pop” reverberated through my entire body…I was actually astonished that nobody else heard my life taking a drastic turn.   As I sat there the others, mostly strangers, were offering whatever support they could.  We obtained some ice and I relaxed in a chair pain free with my leg elevated and resting.  I iced the leg for about 25 minutes and the walk to the car made me hopeful that this may be a tweak and not a rupture.  After reading and performing some of the basic tests physicians use to determine severity; it appears that this is a rupture.

I stumbled upon this web-site and I wanted to start the healing process as soon as I could.   I will go to the doctor tomorrow and I am hopeful to get an immobalization boot.  I wish all of you well in your recovery and please wish me the best luck as well.  Thank you and I will see you all tomorrow.

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