May 13 2010


Published by daviduk

Hi, I am David, 48-year-old living in the North of the UK, near Manchester. Into sports of all types - which is, I guess, how i come to be posting here! Enjoy, and comments welcome.

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  1. timbertopperon 17 May 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Hi David,

    Hope you are enjoying today’s weather - Manchester is great on these odd sunny days.

    Enjoyed reading your blog though sorry to hear your second experience. I can empathise with many of your tales: the slip when on sticks onto a damaged foot and worries about what may have been done, the differences between UK and US, the care of the ER staff, and even the weekend warrior terminology (although I have grown to accept that one).

    I hope you get to the triathlon - that’s a powerful goal to have. I look forward to reading more of your moves towards it.



  2. davidukon 17 May 2010 at 2:50 pm


    Thanks for this - yes, a rare sunny day in Cheshire! have spent much of the last 4 months staring out of my home office window on grey dreariness, so a nice sunny spring day is welcome.

    Appreciate your comments - this site is a valuable resource, not least of all because one is able to validate ones experiences with others.

    I’m more determined than ever to go down the triathlon route. I think I recognise that my soccer / squash / badminton / cricket etc days are over, but life without a sporting goal would be VERY dull!



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