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Mar 14 2011

13 months post-ATR, 11 months post-ATRR

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Time flies huh? Realised I am coming up to the anniversary of my re-rupture. Things improve, i am running (on the treadmill) regularly, happily doing 10K + and comfortably for an hour or more. It took longer than i expected to get to this point, but it is what it is.

I can say that my ankle always hurts - and keeps finding different ways to hurt! So never far from my consciousness. I tried laying off the running for a while but that made little difference (except to my weight!). First thing in the morning i take time to warm up, and the knot of stitching under the skin is very prominent first thing when there is no swelling. After a couple of hours on my feet the knot is subsumed into the swelling which always occurs. I guess this is the ‘new normal’.

I think, having re-ruptured, i am maybe more wary than i should be in terms of what i put my ankle through. In the gym, i am happy to jump up / down steps, doing some backward and forward shuttle runs and some bounding. However, outside the gym environment i am (probably over-) careful about how i use my ankle. I have certainly consigned my squash kit to the dustbin of history!

Sitting here typing, i can feel my achilles pulling, and having sat down for an hour i know when i get up it will be stiff again. I am more convinced than ever of the benefit of early mobilisation - my relatively slow mobilisation protocol involving several weeks in plaster after each ‘event’ is, i am sure, causing more discomfort than the achilles inhury itself. Two long stints in plaster have taken their toll!

Anyway, good luck to all on here! I finally got round to taking my ROM boots to the household rubbsih tip at the weekend (in the UK they are single use - always seemed a waste!). Heading for the gym later! It’s not all bad…

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