Oct 25 2010

6 months post ATRR Surgery, 9 months post ATR

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Something of a catch-up, having just realised it’s 6 months post surgery following myre-rupture and 9 months post the original rupture.

So, recent achievements include my first 5k run (slow!) and my first solid hour of running. Both of these on the treadmill. Pre-injury most of my running was also on the treadmill, and right now i am happy to continue this rather than have to watch out for the perils of running on streets / in woodland where a trip may cause issues. I’d like to think i will be back to where i was (10k in c.40-45mins) within 2-3 weeks. My fitness is good, it’s a case of building confidence in my ankle.

I am still having physio - with lots of exercises to strengthen the calf. After so long in plaster after each rutpture the flexibility in my ankle is still challenged, and (like most here?) i still have the need to get my ankle warmed up / flexing in the morning. I also still have a noticeable red mark where the internal stitch knot is - but no infection and maybe less tenderness now.

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