Jun 15 2010

First Physio - Second Time Around!

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I renewed my acquaintance with my physiotherapist this morning - i am seeing the same person who treated me after my initial rupture. Now, 9 weeks post-op following surgery to repair my re-rupture, we are going through it all again!

I had some interesting observations following our session today. Firstly, this time round there is much less swelling in my foot / ankle, and my foot is a much healthier, much more normal colour. First time round (conservatively / non-surgically repaired) i had quite a bit of swelling and my foot was very red. This time i also have much less pain / tenderness in the area of the achilles, particularly noticeable when my physiotherapist was manipulating the tendon. She did observe that the scar was very neat / straight, and there seems to be very little scar tissue or other ‘lumpiness’ in the area. I had expected, given the more ‘traumatic’ treatment of surgery, that there would be greater tenderness than with the conservative treatment - not the case for me.

I now have a set of exercises to work on to restore my range of motion and to build strength in my skinny ‘chicken leg’. A total of 13 weeks in NWB plaster since end-January 2010, and the rest of the time in NWB / PWB ROM boots has left me with very little in the way of calf / thigh / buttock muscle – I have a very lopsided profile at the moment!

The vacation season is almost upon us. I have a week in the English countryside at the end of July, and it would be great to be out of the boot and off sticks by then. In mid-August, we are heading back to visit friends in the OC, and I definitely want to feel the sand of Laguna Beach between ALL my toes!

I’m feeling very positive today – the challenge, as ever, is to push just hard enough but not too hard. It took me a while to convince my physiotherapist that I was joking when I pointed out that the squash season starts again in a few weeks…

5 Responses to “First Physio - Second Time Around!”

  1. Kevin Hon 16 Jun 2010 at 9:49 am

    Ha! Good luck with the next few weeks, David. Yes - my physio has asked and re-asked me several times over whether I plan to make a return to playing squash (for that’s how I ruptured my AT too) and I have to reassure her that squash is one sporting activity I’ll be steering well clear of!

  2. normofthenorthon 16 Jun 2010 at 10:06 am

    For what it’s worth: As one who (a) gambled on returning to his “high-risk” dynamic sport (competitive volleyball) after a first ATR, AND (b) was in the minority that lost the gamble, by tearing the other AT 8 years later, I want to be clear that I for one would do it all again in a heartbeat!

    For one thing, I got to experience 7 excellent seasons of a sport I love dearly.

    For another thing, my second ATR recovery has been WAY quicker and easier and more painless and “better” than my first, partly because of what I’ve learned in the interim, and partly because of what the best local doctors have learned in the interim.

    This decision is obviously a thoroughly personal one, but I’d urge you folks to seriously consider returning to squash, when your recovery is far enough along. (I’ve also been serious about squash, over the years, and it’s also a great game, and a very good way to stay fit — despite ALSO being a great way to tear an AT!)

  3. davidukon 16 Jun 2010 at 10:57 am

    Norm / Kevin

    It is a difficult one, but my view is really that squash is in the past for me now. Being 48, i was coming to the conclusion that my most competitive squash days were behind me (especially after the near 3 year hiatus while i was in the states recently). When i ruptured in January, i was easing back in having injured my other achilles in December. I think my body is no longer prepared to play at the same standard / pace that my mind thinks i should be playing!

    This is not really a negative. Throughout my sporting life i have had shifts from one focus to another. In my youth / early twenties, badminton was the game. When marriage / kids came along i could no longer devote the time to training required to play at the standard i enjoyed, so i switched to squash as a ‘relaxation’. Of course, i then became hooked and had some great years training / playing.

    Now, as per earlier posts i want to get into traithlon, with a view to completing my first event by the end of 2011. So, things move on - no doubt i will become obsessed with the training / competition for my next challenge in the way i did with badminton / squash (not to mention regular games of soccer, cricket etc…anything competitive!)


  4. gerryron 17 Jun 2010 at 3:12 am

    Isn’t there like Masters competition for squash? There is for cycling and swimming and I know the masters cycling competitions are really fierce. They are mostly people who’ve been racing bicycles for several decades and all have a huge amount of experience. I just graduated to a new age group, 65-69, which is not a very competitive age group around here, but the one I left, 60-64, is highly competitive in cycling, running and triathlons.

  5. 2ndtimeron 18 Jun 2010 at 3:29 am

    Hi David,
    good to hear you are advancing well. I had the same observation after surgery the second time around: less swelling, less tenderness. And when time came for the first heel lifts: no pain! That is the good news.
    getting the lost muscles back seems to be a tedious long process though. My injured calf is still skinnier than the good one, but there is shape and muscle to it finally. It took me 8 months to feel at ease on my feet again. My surgeon kept me in the boot for 11 weeks, the last 2, I hated, I was really ready to ditch it.
    The sand is by the way the most challanging work out for me! Walking in running shoes is much easier than barefoot and add the sand - perfect exercise! I am sure you will get to enjoy that this summer.

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