Jun 08 2010

Into Physio - An End in Sight?

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8 weeks post-op, I met with my consultant yesterday. He is happy to sign me over into the capable hands of the physiotherapists. I am currently in the ROM boot, set to neutral, and able to weight bear on my damaged leg - obviously only in the boot and only in the neutral position. I am still using two crutches, as much for balance as anything else - i am conscisouly putting more weight through my recovering leg.

The initial rupture was in January and the re-rupture in April. Having spent over three months in non-weight bearing plaster and the rest in partial weight bearing ROM boot, my left leg is pretty wasted. Also have quite a bit of discomfort in my left hip. I think this is partly a legacy of a life of sport, but it’s not being helped at the moment by the cumbersome lurching in the boot. Ah well, once my ATRR is fixed i can start planning my hip replacement!

One Response to “Into Physio - An End in Sight?”

  1. normofthenorthon 09 Jun 2010 at 6:53 am

    If you haven’t elevated your “good” foot/shoe to match the elevation of the boot, do it! Hips hate that kind of imbalance, in my experience. As you go to FWB without the crutches, balance and alignment will become even more vital.

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