AirCast to VacoCast Pro Achilles

On day 24 went from Hard Cast to Aircast
On day 35 went from Aircast to Vacocast Pro Achilles (aka Vacoped)

You may have read earlier that my bracing center refused to order me a Vacocast because my OS “prescribed” me an Aircast.

After reading more about the Vacocast on I became more resolved to [...]

Day 24 - Hard Cast Removed and into Boot

Middle of my 4th week and a glorious Monday.  Hard cast removed.
Although my OS approved via email that I could have the cast removed at hospital on the Friday before.  The hospital would have nothing of it without formal orders, and an email on my blackberry would not suffice.  It was a bit of a drag [...]

Day 1 - I want to be operated on today.

See my Day 0 for prequel…I want to be operated on tonight.
Arrive back at hospital the morning after my late night ATR for an Ultrasound and visit to the Fracture Clinic to see Orthopaedic Surgeon (OS).
30 minute wait till ultrasound… repeating thought “I want to be operated on today.” , “I want to be operated on today…”
Ultrasound tech: “Are [...]