Nitroglycerin Patches to Speed Recovery?

I am a non-op/UWO Protocol and I get my hard cast off in 2 days and into a boot (Yay!)
Found this summary of Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment  research somewhere: #Treatment of Tendinopathy#
From the study Glyceryl Trinitrate Patches cut and placed on tendon…acts as a cellular messenger and appears to play a role in blood pressure, memory, and host defense. …appears to [...]

Day 1 - I want to be operated on today.

See my Day 0 for prequel…I want to be operated on tonight.
Arrive back at hospital the morning after my late night ATR for an Ultrasound and visit to the Fracture Clinic to see Orthopaedic Surgeon (OS).
30 minute wait till ultrasound… repeating thought “I want to be operated on today.” , “I want to be operated on today…”
Ultrasound tech: “Are [...]