Inspiration for Kobe and the Rest of Us

In Their Own Words: How NBA Stars Deal With Achilles Injuries By Jonathan Abrams on April 16, 2013 12:30 PM ET
Dominique Wilkins wouldn’t wish a ruptured Achilles on his worst enemy. Where once he was the Human Highlight Reel, after his injury his game was changed forever. Elton Brand was never a highflier, but he [...]

AirCast to VacoCast Pro Achilles

On day 24 went from Hard Cast to Aircast
On day 35 went from Aircast to Vacocast Pro Achilles (aka Vacoped)

You may have read earlier that my bracing center refused to order me a Vacocast because my OS “prescribed” me an Aircast.

After reading more about the Vacocast on I became more resolved to [...]

Weird Achilles Dreams

I am water skiing, and I am good!
Not only that, I am barefoot water skiing!
And I am doing it on my local neighbourhood lake!
And I am being pulled by a Miami Vice-like cigar boat!
And I am about to look really cool doing one on those throw-the-tow-rope and step-gracefully-onto-the dock finishes.
I step up on to the dock [...]

Day 24 - Hard Cast Removed and into Boot

Middle of my 4th week and a glorious Monday.  Hard cast removed.
Although my OS approved via email that I could have the cast removed at hospital on the Friday before.  The hospital would have nothing of it without formal orders, and an email on my blackberry would not suffice.  It was a bit of a drag [...]

Nitroglycerin Patches to Speed Recovery?

I am a non-op/UWO Protocol and I get my hard cast off in 2 days and into a boot (Yay!)
Found this summary of Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment  research somewhere: #Treatment of Tendinopathy#
From the study Glyceryl Trinitrate Patches cut and placed on tendon…acts as a cellular messenger and appears to play a role in blood pressure, memory, and host defense. …appears to [...]

Looking for Basketball Inspiration, When did you get back on the court?

If you search for Basketball on you will see:

About 1,780 results!

If you do a page search on the NYC Marathon Achilles Tracker you will see:
323 of 1,749 (~18.5%)  of us suffered our ATR playing Basketball!
Clearly, there are many hoopsters among us.
Basketball has been truly the only form of exercise that I really enjoyed.
I am looking for [...]

Day 1 - I want to be operated on today.

See my Day 0 for prequel…I want to be operated on tonight.
Arrive back at hospital the morning after my late night ATR for an Ultrasound and visit to the Fracture Clinic to see Orthopaedic Surgeon (OS).
30 minute wait till ultrasound… repeating thought “I want to be operated on today.” , “I want to be operated on today…”
Ultrasound tech: “Are [...]

Day 0 - Dec 20, 2012 - “I want to be operated on tonight.”

Name is Dave, Male 45 living in and about Waterloo, ON Canada
Playing basketball, men’s F division (really bad)… go from a cold start directly into a game where we are starting 4 against their 5.
5 minutes in, I am driving the baseline and thinking maybe a reverse dunk (in my dreams)…feels like someone steps on [...]