AirCast to VacoCast Pro Achilles

On day 24 went from Hard Cast to Aircast

On day 35 went from Aircast to Vacocast Pro Achilles (aka Vacoped)

You may have read earlier that my bracing center refused to order me a Vacocast because my OS “prescribed” me an Aircast.

After reading more about the Vacocast on I became more resolved to get one. While initially stymied when calling the Canadian distributer for Vacocast as they didn’t want to sell retail.  I sent an email request  to and was amazed when the cast was on my doorstep 2 days later.

My physiotherapist was game (initially “but don’t tell your OS”)  and now believes I am having a better recovery than I would have had otherwise.  I have pretty good insurance so I suspect they will pay for it.

I immediately felt more comfortable with the Vacocast and practically ditched my crutches once I started using the new cast. I really enjoyed the increase in mobility and it felt to me that there was less atrophy happening.

Here are the adjustments as made/when.

Day 35 - Vacocast set to 2.5-3

Day 41 - Vacocast set to 2.0-3

Day 46 - Vacocast set to 1.5-3

Day 50 - Vacocast set to 1.0-3

Day 55 - Vacocast set to 0.0-3

Day 57 – started 2-shoes around the house!

Day 62 - Vacocast set to -0.5-3 (Dorsiflexion for first time in boot that I was still wearing outside and in public)

Day 64 – started 2-shoes outside!

7 Responses to “AirCast to VacoCast Pro Achilles”

  1. That 2.5 to 2.0 to 1.5 … is a very gradual stretch to neutral — much more gradual than UWO’s (which I found a smidge too abrupt). I didn’t try letting a boot hinge ’til ~7 weeks, and you were hinging pretty far by then — though I’d been at 0.0 = neutral since ~6 wks… I think it was Ryanb who drew a graph of the two different possible paths from NWB+plantarflexed to FWB+neutral–you could hustle to FWB and stay plantarflexed for a while, or hustle to neutral and stay NWB & PWB a while longer. I think I prefer the former. You seem to have hustled pretty well in both variables — and added a third dimension of early hinging, too…

    It would be good to see a study that subjected a bunch of ATR patients to that approach, to see if they did as well as (or better than) UWO on average…

  2. Hi Dave,
    I am interested in getting a Vacocast as highly recommended by Norm & others and now you Dave. I also live in Canada. I looked on Well website and didn’t see Vacocast so I assume you asked them to order as a one-off and they emailed you back & confirmed they would and then you gave them your credit card info. ?
    Did it come with the vacuum relief insert and pump?
    Did you also purchase the even up height equalizer (recommended by Norm) for building up the other foot & if not how did you compensate for the height difference? Also how much did the Vacocast cost incl. shipping & taxes?
    I think I will have to get my phsiotherapist to prescribe as my Orthopaedic specialist may not be game since they just changed me from an uncomfortable contour walker to contour walker with air at no addt’l charge.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Hi Jacqui.
    Happy to help.
    Yes, I ordered over email from and called in my VISA….got the impression they were going to put it on their site but guess not.
    Yes, you get the hand pump and vacuum relief insert with the Pro Achilles model I purchased.
    It was ~$400 cdn.
    I also purchased the even-up about a week later and highly recommend getting right away.
    Good luck.

  4. Thanks for the info. Dave….much appreciated!

  5. I am also in Canada and just wanted to chime in on the difficulty you’ve had obtaining the boot.

    I purchased mine for $160 at medical supply retailer/pharmacy here in town. I had a prescription for it and my insurance covered the entire cost.

    Good luck in your quest for the boot. I’ve been in mine for just over a month and have nothing but good things to say about it.

  6. Woohoo finally got my Vacocast Pro Achilles boot! Looking forward to using it
    this week set at 20 degrees. having a problem unsnapping (as the video on Vacocast site shows )to increase the calf size. Anybody have any tricks to share how to do increase calf size easily?

  7. BTW got my Vacocast through Landmark Medical (Richmond Hill, Ont. Canada)and they delivered it to me within 24 hrs. It cost $299 + tax and my insurance will cover 95% with DR’s note which I got from Ortho Dr.
    Can’t complain!!

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