Weird Achilles Dreams


I am water skiing, and I am good!

Not only that, I am barefoot water skiing!

And I am doing it on my local neighbourhood lake!

And I am being pulled by a Miami Vice-like cigar boat!

And I am about to look really cool doing one on those throw-the-tow-rope and step-gracefully-onto-the dock finishes.

I step up on to the dock and OUCH!

I have RE-RUPTURED my Achilles tendon!

I reach under the blankets to touch my Achilles tenderly, thinking “How could I have been so stupid?”

I realize I am safely in my bed and start to chuckle.

  • I don’t water ski.
  • My neighbourhood lake is really just a  large pond.
  • there has not been a motorized boat on it since 1950.

I guess this injury is on my mind.  :)

How about you?

Anyone else dreaming about their ATR?

4 Responses to “Weird Achilles Dreams”

  1. Found Icky’s post wondering if dreams might be hurting recovery:

    made me feel better.

  2. I have quite a few dreams about my injury but i am always shopping or out and about in a boot..i guess we it does take up much of our mind space.. :)

  3. Only dream I can remmeber having was right when I went PWB > FWB. I dreamt I walked out side the garage and began running the neighborhood (like an idiot) and I fell down with a re-ruptured AT :(

    I thought it was real for a split second then woke up and felt much better.

  4. I gauged my recovery by how little of my waking time I spent thinking about my AT — or actually how long the intervals were between thoughts about it.

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