Day 24 - Hard Cast Removed and into Boot

Middle of my 4th week and a glorious Monday.  Hard cast removed.

Although my OS approved via email that I could have the cast removed at hospital on the Friday before.  The hospital would have nothing of it without formal orders, and an email on my blackberry would not suffice.  It was a bit of a drag as I had unfortunately got the inside of my cast a bit wet on the Friday morning leg-out-of-the-shower shower.  Note to newbies….get real shower protection immediately.

Very weird sensation as they cut the cast off - seemed like a small reciprocating saw that is imminently going to slice into your leg.

Assumed my ankle had somehow adhered itself to hospital bed as I looked at what appeared to be a dead-fish foot.  It was only when I lifted my lower leg  off the bed with my hands did I realize that it was only an adhered-to-bed sensation.

Was put into Aircast boot with 3 wedges.  BTW, The bracing centre would not order me a Vacocast because the OS specifically prescribed the cast used in the UWO protocol.

Went home and celebrated with the longest shower of my adult life.  :)

3 Responses to “Day 24 - Hard Cast Removed and into Boot”

  1. Congrats and getting to your next milestone. My best advice would be to keep with your exercises/home therapy / or PT as soon as it starts (Or keep up with it if you have already started it). :)

  2. Well done, another stage reached in the recovery.

    I expect the Aircast and Vaco boots would give the same outcome for ATR patients without complications, but that is just a personal opinion. As we don’t know the contribution that specific orthotics make to the rehabilitation I can see why your OS is playing safe in replicating the UWO conditions.

    Is your OS following the UWO study rehab faithfully or on a modified basis (as many appear to tweak elements of it ) ?

  3. Thanks Kirk and Alton,

    I am doing 2 formal physio sessions per week, 3 sets of ROM exercises per day as well as 2-3 improvised sessions of yoga per week.

    The physiotherapist is trying to faithfully adhere to the UWO protocol with some egging on from me to be a bit more aggressive.

    Thank you Alton for your ROM videos on your blog, I watch them and try to play along. It gives me confidence (I believe I am slightly ahead of you at the time of your vids) :)

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