Nitroglycerin Patches to Speed Recovery?

I am a non-op/UWO Protocol and I get my hard cast off in 2 days and into a boot (Yay!)

Found this summary of Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment  research somewhere: #Treatment of Tendinopathy#

From the study Glyceryl Trinitrate Patches cut and placed on tendon...acts as a cellular messenger and appears to play a role in blood pressure, memory, and host defense. …appears to play a role in tendon healing after injury…

Since I was suffering from calcific tendinopathy for 2 years before the ATR, why not use the Nitroglycerin Patches per the study  and hope that it speeds my recovery?

I plan on bringing the study to my OS and ask for a prescription.

Any experience out there with this strategy?

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  1. I tried them (pre surgery) with no success, but that does mean they wont work for you. I used them way back when I was first having tendon issues (2 years ago) and the orthopedic doctor I was seeing at the time suggested them. He didn’t really sell them, just said some people have found they help so why not try.

    They are one of any things I tried before finally decided to have the knife. I haven’t thought about using any if these again post-op.

  2. My OS refused to write me a script for the Nitro patches…

    OS: Never heard of such a thing and the smart guys I know have never mentioned it. So I won’t write you a presicription for it. But, you could do whatever you like.

    Me: But, I can’t write myself a script.

    OS: Well, perhaps your own Doc would be willing to do it…but I won’t.

    Me: Can I email you the study?

    OS: Ok, but I am old school (Despite the UWO protocol suggestion.) You can’t trust everything you read on Doctor Google.

  3. On the bright side, at least we know that they’re not essential to an excellent recovery. . .

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