Looking for Basketball Inspiration, When did you get back on the court?

If you search for Basketball on AchillesBlog.com you will see:

About 1,780 results!

If you do a page search on the NYC Marathon Achilles Tracker you will see:

323 of 1,749 (~18.5%)  of us suffered our ATR playing Basketball!

Clearly, there are many hoopsters among us.

Basketball has been truly the only form of exercise that I really enjoyed.

I am looking for inspiration and some anecdotal data from folks who have suffered from an ATR playing basketball.

How long after your ATR until you were able to enjoy playing another game of Basketball ?

Please share by replying.  Thanks!

3 Responses to “Looking for Basketball Inspiration, When did you get back on the court?”

  1. I waited a year to play bball. I think I was at about 90% for about a couple of years.. and then up to probably 95% pre-ATR. My knee problem definitely hold me back now.. but I still play about twice a week. :)

  2. Thanks Dennis,
    I am inspired by your playing basketball 2 times per week now but a bit bummed that you had to wait a full year.

  3. My doc said no basketball for 6 more months. So that will make it about 9, but I might follow Dennis’s lead also. :)

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