Day 0 - Dec 20, 2012 - “I want to be operated on tonight.”

Name is Dave, Male 45 living in and about Waterloo, ON Canada

Playing basketball, men’s F division (really bad)… go from a cold start directly into a game where we are starting 4 against their 5.

5 minutes in, I am driving the baseline and thinking maybe a reverse dunk (in my dreams)…feels like someone steps on my right back heel…someone is not there…I stumble, I fall and ask for someone to give me their phone so I can call 911.

Ambulance shows up, I describe situation and the attendant assesses me with a “likely a sprain.” I know better having witnessed 2 ATRs and ask to be taken to hospital “I want to be operated on tonight”

Get to ER at 9pm and am seen by a nurse, an x ray technician, nurse practitioner and finally a doctor each for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and each over an hour apart!

I say to  each of them in turn:

  • Who is the orthopaedic surgeon on call?
  • Please call him.
  • “I want to be operated on tonight”

Nurse: “you are getting ahead of yourself”

X Ray Tech: “you are getting ahead of yourself”

Nurse Practitioner: “yes, it an Achilles tendon rupture, I will refer you to the doctor on call. But, I will tell you right now that we won’t call the surgeon tonight just for an Achilles unless there is a car accident of some sort that gives him other work to do.”

ER Doctor: “yes, it is an ATR, you also have a calcified tendon (I had been suffering tendinopathy for past 2 years) .  You can see the surgeon in the morning…it seems to go in fads whether they operate or not (What?) but given that he is a surgeon if you insist he will do it.”

Doc puts me into a Aircast and a couple of crutches and send me home at 1am (4 hours later). Told me the cast was going to be $150 and the crutches $20….still have not seen a bill and being from Canada, have never seen a hospital bill in my life.

I go home for a fitful night of sleep stealing my resolve to insist upon being operated in the morning - I have got my rights!

“I wanted to be operated on tonight”

One Response to “Day 0 - Dec 20, 2012 - “I want to be operated on tonight.””

  1. DAVE!!!!

    I wish you a speedy recovery!!! I will pray daily for it.
    I do remember you had to slow down going downstairs …
    Reading your blog carefully tells me that is is very important for you to be a great basket ball player doing dream moves…. QUICK.

    After you heal….Why not?

    To fulfill that dream, increase your inner strength by being yourself. You know how to set goals… You are really a terrific person!!!

    Meanwhile to heal faster please take some time (as often as you can) to visualize the mending of your Achilles tendon….It works..

    Much love,


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