My Last Wound Post (I hope)

It’s been a long road with this damn wound and I appreciate all the support.  At twenty weeks and one day, the good news is that I am on the last mile of my wound marathon.
For those of you who wonder what a wound marathon looks like, I have posted a few photos to show [...]

Almost Four Months

I see that a lot of “old-timers” have recently posted and figured I hadn’t in a while myself.  As some of you know, I was a re-rupture AND had a wound complication.  But after the longest summer of my life, this past week has been a good one!
For the first time since the end of [...]

Wound Question

They say the group is always smarter than the individual.  So I thought I’d throw this one out to y’all.
I had an open wound from my second surgery.  It has finally scabbed over by leaving it out of the boot and exposed to air.  Certainly has taken awhile…over a month.  Fortunately, no infection.
My question:  now [...]

FDA Urgent Warning on Tendon Risks

FDA calls for urgent warning on tendon risks

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jul 8, 11:23 AM ET

WASHINGTON - Federal drug safety officials have imposed the government’s most urgent warning on Cipro and similar antibiotics, citing risks that they can cause tendon ruptures, a serious injury that leaves some patients incapacitated.
The [...]