My Last Wound Post (I hope)

It’s been a long road with this damn wound and I appreciate all the support.  At twenty weeks and one day, the good news is that I am on the last mile of my wound marathon.

For those of you who wonder what a wound marathon looks like, I have posted a few photos to show you.  Be warned, some of them ain’t pretty:


Once we began the aggressive treatment of debridement (digging out the slough, which is the yellow goo) and applying Silvadene (antibacterial agent with silver nitrate particles), the healing began.  These wound complications are somewhat rare (so are re-ruptures…ha!) but doctors don’t seem to have any universally agreed treatment methods.  So I hope that this may help someone else.

I wish all my brothers and sisters good healing.

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  1. OMG — what you have been through! You must have wondered many times over the last few months — why me? It really does not seem fair.

    I think your last picture looks FANTASTIC! Congratulations on beating the double whammy.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Your wound is looking really good!! I am so happy you are healing. Your scar looks way better than mine, even after 3 surgeries! I am at 16 weeks from original surgery, but only 9 weeks from last wound surgery…and I cannot even imagine what you have endured with all the debridements in the office. I think in retrospect I am glad they put me out and just opened it up again. I don’t know. Just trying to put a good spin on it.
    I hope that you are now putting this all behind you…and getting back to your life. Your challenges were so great, but hopefully you will feel an even greater sense of enrichment as you return to your regularly scheduled programs! Hurray for you!

  3. Dave,

    I’m a new fan, but a real one. Love your work, admire your attitude even more.

    Big time congratulations,


  4. Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! A quick click and we get the “picture” of how much you have through :(

    I met a lady yesterday with an ankle injury. She had been dealing with a open wound for nearly a year post surgery on her ankle. FINALLY the wound center got the Doc on the phone and said it wasn’t gonna heal unless he went back in and removed a screw and plate which she showed me. Ten Days post op post removal and so far the wound is closed and healing fine. Hopefully her broken ankle will be
    healed now too despite having these removed.

    Sorry you were one of the few with this problem but thanks for sharing this as it is a good resource to empower patients.


  5. Way to go Dave!

    You’ve come a long way! Impressive stuff.

  6. Dave, glad to see that your wound has healed and that you’ve overcome the infection. Your heel looks really good! congratulations! :)

  7. No WAY! If I wouldn’t have seen the pics I wouldn’t have believed. Maybe mine will look like that soon!!! Thanks for your message the other day. I’m trying to stop the merry-go-round of Scab, Scab split, raw skin, scab, scab split, raw skin. Maybe I’ll swab out Bactroban with Silvadene and that will be the magic potion. I read Marianne’s comment about that lady that had the screw removed. Interesting, because the plastic screw broke off on my hard bones, so had to use a metal screw…hmmm… CONGRATS on CLOSURE! How PRETTY YOUR LEG LOOKS! :)

  8. Thanks for all the support. I have to say that this site truly helped me get through two ATRs and a wound complication.

    My other huge milestone this weekend was that I took a normal shower for the first time in over six months! I had been using a chair the entire time. I can’t tell you how good it felt to stand there and let the water cascade. Wow. The simple things indeed.

    Limp is getting better by the day, scar is in pretty good shape and I am wearing sandals. Next thing you know, I’ll be playing basketball again. But then again, not sure about that one. Thanks y’all! See you at Mile 26.2 soon!

  9. Oh yes…Kristin, you will have a pretty leg again very soon. You are done with the hard part. And like you tell your kids: don’t pick at the scab.

  10. Daveleft - So glad to hear the wound woes are a thing of the past. You’ve definitely earned some good news.

  11. Daveleft,
    I laughed when I read your note about the shower…I, too, had my first standing up shower in months this week!!! I was using the chair (out of fear, I think) all this time. And you are so right about the simple things…who knew that a shower could feel so good! I still keep it in the corner, just in case, but hopefully I will let it go soon. Last week I actually went to the pool with my kids and “swam”. Scary but amazing.

  12. Hey! Just found your site and read your story. Wow. Much admiration. Keep looking ahead and enjoying those simple things in life, Dave…it keeps getting better.

  13. Sounds interesting. Thanks for info .I like You Now! (sounds weird.. should say I follow you Now!.. ) :)

  14. Daveleft, I have had two achilles tendon repair surgeries basically back to back. Now i have had a complication with healing. I have an open wound. My surgeon referred me to a plastic surgeon, who told me that one of the stitches in my tendon is very close to the surface, my skin is rejecting it and this will not let the wound heal.

    THe plastic surgeon wants to open me up a third time and take out the stitches that are in my tendon. I would do anything to avoid another surgery. What can be done to help this wound heal without another surgery?

    THank you so much for any insight you can give.

  15. Hi Xsoccerplayer. Sorry to hear about your “journey.” I know your frustrations…I remember mine all too well.

    My wound sounds different from your situation. After my second surgery, I had a spot of necrotic (dead) skin tissue. Plastic surgery and a skin graft was discussed but we were finally able to heal the skin. I’ll tell you what we did but with the caveat that it may not pertain to your wound.

    SInce I had a circle of dead skin, at each visit he would debride it (dig the center out with a scalpel) and then I would apply silver sulfadiazine 1% cream (Silvadene) two or three times a day. I felt this cream, used for burn victims, was amazing in helping to heal the wound. Like I said, I don’t know if it will help you but between removing the dead tissue and then applying the cream, the wound healed in about two months (it had been there for two months prior).

    I didn’t have any experience with stitches that were impeding the wound so I can’t offer you any advice on that. The other thing I learned the hard way, and others may tell you the same, is that you have to be your own patient advocate. This means if you are unhappy with the treatment or attention your doctor is giving you, you have to speak up. The healing is a partnership and you have to trust your partner. My original surgeon left the clinic and I didn’t like the treatment of his replacement so I switched doctors (in the same clinic). This turned out to be, not only a prudent move, but not an issue.

    I wish you fast healing and if you have any further questions, please ask. We’ve all been on this same one-legged (for now) journey.

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  17. Hope all is well and hope you continue to love the marathon.

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