Almost Four Months

I see that a lot of “old-timers” have recently posted and figured I hadn’t in a while myself.  As some of you know, I was a re-rupture AND had a wound complication.  But after the longest summer of my life, this past week has been a good one!

For the first time since the end of April, I left the house wearing two shoes.  And it felt terrific.  Also, I drove my Jeep–which is a standard and hasn’t been driven all summer.  The battery was dead but just needed to be recharged.

I have been doing a self rehab as my doctor, my very conservative doctor, has decided that I should not go to PT.  His main goal has been strengthening the AT with stretches, Theraband, a lot of boring time on an exercise bike and icing.  The AT feels great.  I have a little limp, which is to be expected, but no pain and little swelling.  Every day it seems like it gets a little bit looser.  I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and I’ll be curious if I even need PT at this point.

My wound also has been closing so very slowly.  It has gone from 10mm by 10mm down to 3mm by 3mm.  Fortunately, it is above the back of my shoe with the wedges I have so it has not been a big problem–aside from knowing I have a hole in my leg.  But the recent exercise has increased blood flow and more healing (the nicotine gum I have reverted back to probably doesn’t help–I know, Walshie, I know).  And just one more shout out to Kristin in Atlanta.  She was a bright light during the dark days of The Hole.  Her kids are lucky to have her as a mom and hope they got back home after I refused to answer the door (I did leave bus fare in an envelope).

Dennis’ post about playing basketball again got me thinking.  Once I am healed, I’m not sure I want to take a risk again because I’m not sure I can throttle down.  I’m sure that playing the same level as I did when I was in my twenties caused the ATR in the first place.  But we’ll cross that bridge–without a limp, of course–when we come to it.

Like everyone else in this family, I’ve been reading all the newcomers’ stories and can only add that it does indeed get better, much better, down that road.

–Dave with the almost good left foot

PS. No kids were abandoned during the course of this AT recovery.  It’s an inside joke if any of you are horrified.

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  1. Daveleft, you got the triple whammy - ATR, rerupture and wound closure issues… it was with great happiness that I read your post. People say that summer flew. I thought it was a long summer. But for you it must have been one of the longest and most frustrating.

    I am so glad you are on the mend. Enjoy the boring and safe exercises — your time will come when you are ready.

  2. You are sweet. But, pls answer the door….they won’t leave until you answer it. :) And, they are out of water, so pls set more out outside your door today.

    Great you can drive! Sounds like your limp is better than mine. OK, so now I have this scab and it’s really big. I knew how to do wound care, but weird because now the Dr. has me putting cream on it if it’s really dry, but not covering. I cld him yesterday to ask why we are changing our tune from “leave it covered and moist.” He said that the skin will be re-molding and re-shaping itself over the next couple mths and that if we leave it covered now the skin won’t start acting like normal skin. I guess if you leave the scab covered all the time it will just be like you kept it in water for a long time. Still a little unsure of the new way of thinking, but it’s nice to leave it open. And, a little at a time, as you know, the scab will come off and hopefully the skin underneath will be great. I felt like I knew it all before for wound care, but I’m a little new with the whole scab care thing. Now, I keep looking at everyone’s post surgery incisions and mine still looks big and yucky, but I guess it will get better. I’ll have one heck of a scar I’m sure.

    Have fun driving your car!

    P.S. Don’t forget to take the kids Trick or Treating on the 31st. You have to hit every house in the neighborhood…no shortcuts!

  3. Daveleft,
    I was so so happy to read your post! Congratulations! Two shoes, wound closing, all good news.

    And driving? I am so very jealous. I haven’t driven since July 13. Yikes. Will I remember how?

    I am about to start PT today, but Kaiser only offers 30 minutes/week and I am wondering how this will possibly help? I seem to have a lot of scar tissue or adhesions or something under the scar…but then I read that your dr. doesn’t feel it is necessary at all? Just have to wait and see I guess. More adventures ahead, I am sure!

    All my best on your road to recovery, enjoy the open road!

  4. Congrats! My jeep also had the battery die due to lack of driving. But alas, am driving again!

    Great Job….you have been through more than most. Good job not abandoning any kids.

  5. daveleft - Glad to hear that you are 2-shoes now. Congrats! It was a long road, but you’ve made it in stride. :) Looking forward to reading your next post.

  6. Daveleft - Glad to hear you’re continuing to heal. It’s been a rough road, but you’ve had the right attitude all along. Here’s to continued healing now that you’re back in two shoes.

  7. Dave, Im back to dipping BUT only when I play…prob is I play almost everyday, hahaha! Oh well Im glad you are doing well bud!

  8. Thanks, y’all! The support here has been amazing.

    Just got back from my doctor. Wound is now 1mm by 4mm…and closing. After debridement (digging out the junk), we couldn’t see the tendon! That’s a good thing, obviously. Got a few more stretching exercises prescribed–sitting with knee bent, pushing against wall–but no PT. Oh well, guess it’s cheaper that way. AT is feeling good and looking forward to the six month mark.

  9. I am also doing home PT at Week 16 - ortho doc said at Week 8 I didn’t need PT. Yes,it’s cheaper! Meanwhile, a slight limp continues off and on, which I take as normal, and to be patient with. However, I was taking a busload of surgeons around on my tourguide job again, and mentioned this ATR. The one PT amongst them was SHOCKED that I had been given no PT, and that explained the limp, she said. I asked the busload, “Do you all agree?” The surgeons - mostly young, residents generally, shrugged. “Each patient is different, hard to say.” “Just give it time”; “There’s a lot you can do on your own, just walking anyway”. So the orthodocs and PT’s do not agree on everything, as I had surmised. One young surgeon asked how much experience my surgeon had had. I said, “Well, he was about 65, I think plenty of it; he was very casual about it.” The young fellow answered, “Then he knew what he was saying.” THe PT lady was outraged at such dismissal of her services. She insisted I go back to my “old ortho doc” and insist on PT being prescribed.

  10. Dave-Hey there! I have a scab question for you…and while I am the wound queen, you are the scab king. Do you still have my number? If not, can you email me with your number again? Thanks!

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