Eight Weeks, second time around

Actually, I almost made it to six weeks the first time.  But it’s pretty nice to have made it fifteen days further this time out.  So, to recap, I have had two surgeries and am on my third doctor in the clinic. Went in and met the old-school doc who, as it turns out, had trained the surgeon who operated on me.  My new doc looks like he stepped right out of a Norman Rockwell painting…with the corresponding manners.  Incredibly pleasant and more than happy to answer all of my questions.  He’s very conservative in his approach to recovery and I’m fine with that.

I have a wound that is slooooooooow to heal.  He put on those mad scientist goggles and got to work on it with a pair of tweezers.  Took out two suture pieces (yikes) and flicked off a large scab that had been hanging around for weeks.  As he was about to pour hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, I mentioned that I was told that it also kills the good cells.  He said, “hmm….I guess you can still learn something everyday.”  And then proceeded to still pour it all over my scar.  He said I should change the Band-Aid every day but I have gotten other advice which I think I trust more (thank you Kristin!).  Also, he said I should wash it in the shower normally.  That, I’m not so sure about.

After poking around the wound itself, he wants me to return next week to check its progress (my sixth post-op visit since the second surgery…can’t complain that I’m not getting attention, I guess).  We’ll lock into a rehab plan at that point.

For my fellow re-rupturers, here’s my protocol so far:

Week 1-2  Soft cast

Week 2-7 NWB in boot, begin light ROM exercises at Week 6

Week 8-9 PWB at 25%, continue with ROM exercises

Week 10 PWB at 50%

Week 11 PWB at 75%

Week 12 FWB and begin PT

Other people have asked the strength of the AT during recovery.  My doctor said it could range but, erring on the safe side, he said it was currently only 25-30% of normal strength (at eight weeks).  It will be 80% at four months and 100% at six months.

So, all in all, not too much different from all you one-timers with conservative docs.  Good healing to all of you, Team ATR.

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  1. You’re doing great 2nd timer. I’m happy to help. Behave yourself! In exchange for your Dr. visit cop-pays to me, you can pay me in babysitting. My kids are scheduled on the next flight out to CA. Thanks in advance for homeschooling them all year. You’re the best!

  2. Hi Daveleft,

    Thanks for protocol. I was wondering if the re-rupture group had a slower protocol. Not wanting to be the only one on the planet to do this a third time — I am lobbying for the conservative approach. But I was not sure what that looked like. Thank you so much it is good to have an idea of what’s to come.


  3. Hi Dave,

    I may be too late for advice re your wound. About 10 years ago I had a very bad deep burn to my foot, dropped a dish straigh from the oven onto my foot complete with food which by the time I scraped it off and had run to put my foot under the cold shower, I had really messed up my foot. After treatment by my local nurse practicioner nothing was working. Eventually it began to scab over but was still not healing underneath.

    A visit to my local chemist shop solved my problem. …Plaster it with vaseline she said, keep it on in the bath, shower and night it is a perfect barrier but still allows healing underneath…. The result fantastic, healed incredibly quickly, it is still badly marked but very supple. When I returned to see the nurse she was very impressed. I now always have vaseline (not sure if it has the same name in other countries) and use it to cover cuts etc.


  4. Morning Dave,

    Manuka Honey - absolutely swear by it. Lots of reasons, but the main one was last year I had a very bad chest infection and been on antibiotics for nearly 2 months and nothing would clear it, I started taking Manuka Honey (the high strength, they come in numbers from 5 to 25) it is quite expensive, but tastes terrific and after a week my infection had cleared. I take 1 teaspoonful a day now, either straight from the jar or on toast, yummy!!

    It helps to heal in different ways, and you can also put it on wounds as well. We have a local TV and Radio celeb Chemist who is fantastic and we went to his shop and he told us about the honey.

    Try it and see what you think.


  5. hey dave would you know how long it would take to heal by not having the surgery after the rerupture. Mine tore about 70% and I am not having the second surgery. I am nervous about not being able to get to full strength ever again and how long do you think it will take where I do not have to be concerned about about another rerupture. Thanx

  6. Hey, mandown. I wish I could answer how long it will take to heal but since it turned out I had a 100% re-rupture, a non-surgical procedure was never an option (nor discussed). If it’s any consolation, my wound issue delay probably put me on a similar time line to non-surgical and I am feeling 90% (some days 95%) at almost ten months. Even after two ruptures, my worries are lessening by the day and I am already planning to celebrate my one year anniversary by standing on the Green Monster for a ball game.

    Also, from reading the blogs, it seems every re-rupture reported here was after a surgical procedure. I haven’t seen seen any non-surgical re-ruptures (although the sampling represented is small).

    And like I mentioned, if it had turned out that my re-rupture was like yours, my doctor was hoping for non-surgical. Have you read mazmouza’s post:


    I wish you the best and wouldn’t stress about this. I look back at my first few months it seems so long ago and filled with so much needless worry. I know you’ll be fine.

  7. I just found this link daveleft ….I guess I have to be the 1st on this website … http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/588904

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