Day 29 - Crutches for Sale!

Just finished my fifth PT session and I am now cleared for FWB.  I could jump for joy.  But I won’t.

For all of you just starting down this road, once you get out of the woods after the first couple of weeks, there is definitely some light at the end of the tunnel.

Someone suggest burning the crutches.  I looked into that.  Aluminum, it seems, has a melting point of around 1220 degrees Fahrenheit.  I guess shoving them in the corner is a second best option without a basement blast furnace.

Keep up the good work, y’all.

15 Responses to “Day 29 - Crutches for Sale!”

  1. Are u in 2 shoes?

    How is that supplement working?

  2. Still in the stinky boot. Probably for at least two to three more weeks. But I take it off at night and wear TWO sneakers on the exercise bike.

    Both my good and bad ankles/tendons feel very good. Not sure if it is because of the supplement or just good ol’ Mother Nature doing her job. I did spring for a re-up of it, though. I figure it’s better to be safe (and pay a small price in the scheme of things) than sorry.

  3. daveleft - aluminum is highly recyclable…throw them in your curbside and you can think of them the next time you raise a PBR! Good on ya!

  4. daveleft - Congrats on FWB. The most memorable milestone for me was going FWB and ditching the crutches. Things really became more tolerable after that. So congrats! ;)

  5. Thanks for the wishes, Dennis. It was a small step but…I have to say, I kinda felt like Neil Armstrong today. And then I couldn’t wait to blog about it!

  6. Yip-eeeee! Congrats! I am counting down the days! To add insult to injury (I know you can appreciate this) I am a teacher and we are moving into a brant new building in the Fall with an amazing triple gym. I was so excited to be one of the “firsts” to play baskeball in there…now I am just hoping to be able to stand under the basket and take a flat-footed shot come August. Your post has inspired me! Keep up the good work.

  7. You know what, zurichfan? I know exactly what you mean. On the first day I could walk without crutches, I went down to the gym for my Tuesday night game. Just to watch, alas. It was bittersweet seeing all my friends and the game. But I’m glad I did it. I intend to get back out there.

    And I even resisted the urge to shoot around on the side. I’ll save that as a reward for my 2-shoes date.

  8. Congrats Dave! I am at Day 28 and tomorrow I will start my first PT session. Lucky for me my insurance will cover 100% and I can do PT as many times as I want during that time. My calf looks like it is gone, my leg looks like a bone. I just started laughing when I took it out of the boot for the first time. Did your calf come back fairly quickly? Thanks- Matt

  9. Thanks, Matt. If you’ve been sitting around, you’re gonna love PT. I know my doctor’s protocol called for PT 2-3 times a week for six weeks.

    With the PT, the exercise bike and, now, the walking, I can feel my calf coming back already . It definitely turned flabby but didn’t seem to have a chance to atrophy.

    Good luck with your PT. Look forward to hearing about it.

  10. I will let you know how it goes! I was a little concerned about PT already but it seems to be normal in protocol and even a little later then some people.

  11. Nice work, dave..the boot gives you your life back, at least thats the way I felt.

    I have gone to most of my softball games. I think I like torturing myself.

    I also roll a bunch of putts at work..thats a little less torturous but still a huge tease.

    My PT doesnt start until week eight…but I’ve been FWB since May 27th.

    I want to start PT earlier like you guys did. Mass General in Boston is one of the best hospitals in the world and my Doc teaches this procedure at Harvard Med sooooooo I wont bitch at him too much for his protocol.

    Arent you gonna miss that great tricep workout those crutches gave you??

    How about renting a torch?

  12. i left them at the doc’s office. Told them to give them to someone who needs them. (they will probably sell them again!). My thinking was I didn’t want them in my house and the (very) cute sports medicine intern agreed with me so that was an easy decision. Another option is something like Goodwill…the charity gets somthing for them, and someone who really needs them gets them cheap. If you’re famous, you give them to an auction for your favorite charity and someone will pay a lot of money.

  13. John-All great suggestions. If you’re single, good luck with the intern. If not, I hope your S.O. isn’t reading my blog! Can’t wait to hear more because it seems it’s all ATR talk around here for some reason ;)

  14. Tip o’ the Day: Keep them crutches to use with the Thera-band exercises!

    For Ankle Dorsiflexion reps (pulling the foot back towards knee, for you newbies) against resistance, instead of getting off the couch and wrapping the Thera-band around a solid object as instructed…use the padded end of the crutch pushed out past the foot.

    Laziness is indeed the mother of invention.

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