Day 22

Third PT appointment and I was allowed to get on the recumbent bike for ten minutes…without my boot.  Man, it felt good.  I have probably 50% more ROM already then when I started last week.  The scar is just about healed and looks good.  I should be able to get it wet (a real shower!) by this weekend.  Here’s a picture of it:

ATR Repair at Day 22

There is still some swelling in the foot and the bruise is slow to disappear but the AT seems strong.  I am now doing out of boot exercises at home including toe curls with a towel to keep the muscles in the foot working.  Not to rub it in to anyone stuck in a cast but the best part of this protocol is taking the boot off at night.  I still wrap the ankle in an Ace bandage for protection.

I mentioned in my last post that I was taking SuperCissus RX which is a joint supplement.  I can’t say that it has drastically improved anything but the soreness in my good heel/AT is pretty much gone.  Of course, that could simply be my body adjusting to the extra stress that I had been putting on it.  Also, I am PWB so that lessens the weight on the good side as well.  I plan to continue taking the supplement through at least Week 12.  Wish I could recommend it one way or the other.

Now that I have tasted the pedals of a bike again, I am going to buy one.  I know we have a lot of cyclists here and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a bike.  I was looking at the comfort/hybrid/urban bikes.  My old routine was to walk two to four miles a day to run errands.  I still want to do that but a bike will be easier.  Main use will be roads and the beach bike paths on occasion.  Plus, until I am road worthy, I will probably get an indoor trainer for home exercise.  Any tips or thoughts would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work, y’all.  You will be back on two feet before you know it.  I promise.


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  1. Dave–sounds like you are progressing nicely. I just posted about day 22 post-op for me. We are in different area codes right now!!! Like I said in my post, I have stiffness, which I know is normal, but I don’t have any pain. I hope this is a good thing for me whenever I can get my wound to heal.

    Good luck with a bike. I really don’t have any idea about what is good and not. My bike came from Wal-Mart ($89 bucks!), so I know it’s not state of the art or anything near what you are looking for……

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Your incision is much smaller than mine - but my leg are much better looking! :) Actually, I do a get a kick out of all the wound pictures on this site. You know the first we thing we do is compare them to our own!

    When the doctor removed the stitches, he put me into a cast for 3 weeks! So, I can’t see my scar again til June 12. I am jealous, you can watch your progress!

  3. Yeah…it’s kinda like wound p0rn. But I figure people might want to see what’s going on under their casts. I was scared to look at mine for the first week but now that it’s healing, it’s all good.

    And here’s a pic (pre-injury) from when I climbed to the ruins of a fortress on a mountain in Bulgaria last summer:

    I didn’t want to post just foot pictures on this site! I swear…I don’t have a foot fetish (my friend did though…weird stuff).

    Kevin-once you get in the boot, things will be much better. You’ll be take your foot out on a regular basis and get some air. Btw, I think I sweat a bit myself. My girlfriend hates when I take it off. I guess it smells something fierce. I ordered some Dr. Scholl’s Odor things to put in it. Will let you know how that works.

  4. That is great news Dave! You had your surgery just two days before me and you are already riding a bike. Good stuff to look forward!

  5. That is exactly how my heel looked too.

  6. David L. -

    Thank you for your generous contribution. I sent an e-mail to your earthlink account and got a spam filter reply. It looks like it has a sophisticated spam filter, so I hope it gets through.

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