The First Mile!

Just ran the first mile…on the NYC Marathon tracker, that is.  Only 25 more to go!

I just had my first PT session today.  As I believe I’m in an aggressive protocol, I thought others might like to know what treatment I’m going through.  A quick recap:  injury on April 28, surgery on May 5 (put into a splint), stitches removed on May 13 and put into The Boot.  So, on Day 16 I went in for the following treatment:

  • ROM by PT
  • ten minutes of moist heat
  • ultrasound on injury
  • calf massage
  • electro-shock stimulation (with ice pack)
  • massage of surgery site

My at-home exercise is simply curling the foot back and pushing it forward.  I have two sessions a week and will gradually move into more extensive exercise…stationary bike, etc.  My protocol calls for this early, out-of-boot PT to help increase the healing.

The good news is that I am allowed PWB at this stage.  I can put up to 50% of normal weight on it.  But, frankly, I’m a little scared to go that far so I plan to ease into it.  The other good news is that, although elevation is still suggested, I don’t need to wear the boot at night or on the couch.  I plan to wrap the ankle in an Ace bandage as a precaution though.

I’ll be stretching the good AT/calf as well.  The best exercise is to push against a wall at an angle but that’s kinda hard on one foot.  So it’s just going to be a towel for now.

Also, I’ve been taking a supplement developed especially for joints called SuperCissus Rx.  It’s made from the Cissus Quadrangulis plant and is used in the steroid community apparently as ‘roids weaken the tendons and ligaments.  It’s supposed to increase blood flow to the tendons and ligaments.  I have no idea how effective it is but at least it gives me the comfort that I am doing something proactive instead of just laying around.  If anyone has been using this, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I saw that others have posted photos so here’s one of my incision at two weeks:

My (bad) left foot

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.  Hope you all get a good PT too.  Mine plays basketball so he has sympathy for my injury.


7 Responses to “The First Mile!”

  1. Your scar looks pretty small compared to mine - lucky you!

    I agree, the PWB is a bit intimidating. I hope to try a bit more weight on mine over the long weekend. Still feels strange.

  2. We’re at about the same point, time-wise. My doc is more conservative, though. I’m not scheduled for the boot and PWB until next week.

    I agree with tennisjunkie. Your scar isn’t that bad. Glad to hear that the PT is going well and I’ll try and be right behind you.

    The comment about the supplement is interesting. I was curious about stuff like that, but haven’t done any research. I might ask my PT about it.

    Keep plugging away.


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