First Post-Op Appointment/Day 8

Went in today without knowing what to expect.  I had been elevating and icing and doing all the protocols as suggested.  The P.A. cut off my wrap/splint and everything looked good…good healing, very little swelling, no pain.  She said maybe I’ll go into the boot.  That got me excited after all the talk around here of casts and such.  The doctor took out the stitches (I have about a two inch incision as promised) and said things indeed looked good.  Then the moment of truth…he put me back into my pre-op boot.  No casts, no more wrapping.  Just the good ol’ boot.

I’m still NWB but will begin PT next week and should expect to start PWB.  My follow-up appointment is in four weeks and I might lose the crutches by then.  I hope at least.  He said my leg spasms will end once PT starts.  I have to say, they have been real funky…crazy dreams that all end with me tripping over someone’s leg, kicking a cat (by accident) or trying to stop a car Fred Flinstone-style.  And I can’t tell if that searing pain that rocketed me awake was half-imagined and/or psychosomatic.  I just want ‘em to stop.

Regarding the boot, I still have to wear it to bed at least until my PT suggests otherwise.   And, of course, keep it elevated for a couple of more weeks.  I was given a supply of bandages to cover the surgical site until it heals over.  There is a chance of infection from the friction of the boot unless protected.

After the appointment, I went to the deli and got me a big, fat turkey sandwich.  It was great to get out and about on my own.  Btw, I drove my girlfriend’s car to the appointment as mine is a stick.

Hope everyone else is progressing well.  It really is true…the first week is the worst.   And here is the motivating thought of the week (that I stole from an ESPN story I just read (and they stole from someone else I’m sure)):  “You can get better or you can be bitter, but you can’t be both.”

Get better, folks!

5 Responses to “First Post-Op Appointment/Day 8”

  1. Daveleft,

    Good news fella.

    All the best.


  2. Daveleft - Sounds like everything is going well. Good to hear.

  3. Daveleft - Good to see that you are doing well, and I love the quote. I should see if there are any good quote displaying widgets out there, if not.. I’ll put it on my todo list. :)

  4. Great to hear that things are moving along well. I too share the same horror story of playing basketball and literally cutting to run the other direction and POP!!!
    I will have surgery tomorrow and then feel like I am at least progressing.

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