Hello world!

Hello, y’all!  Not exactly thrilled to join the club but it sure is nice to know that this seems to be a fantastic community.  And, obviously, a big thanks to Dennis for creating this world.

My injury?  Almost exactly (to the game of the night) as Dennis.  Monday, April 2,  Los Angeles.  Playing basketball in an indoor gym.  Having a great night, even stretched my calves and Achilles in warm-ups.  Fourth game after sitting one out.  I was back-pedaling and stopped to defend a shot when…that dreaded POP in my left heel.  I knew right then and there what my next 4-6 months were going to be.  It’s really uncanny how accurate all the descriptions are of this injury.  And the worst part?  My friend still went up with the shot…and made it!  At least he didn’t tell me that for two days.

I could walk (carefully) and, strangely, had no pain.  I knew something was wrong and took care to step lightly.  I did an aggressive treatment of R.I.C.E. and arranged for an appoint with an ortho on Wednesday.

At my appointment, I knew the diagnosis was confirmed when I saw the nurse’s face after I unwrapped my bandage.  The surgeon did the Thompson test for my girlfriend’s benefit.

The good news is that because of the effective R.I.C.E. treatment, I had very little swelling and there was an opening at the surgery clinic the following Monday.  So, it’s go for my surgery on Cinco de Mayo.  Sadly, no cervezas for me this year.  The surgery is out-patient.  Arrive at 10:45AM, incise at noon and out the door by 3:00PM.  Works for me.

The bad news is that I am uninsured.  Or, as known in the industry as a “cash patient” or SPA (self-paying account).  I guess one way to look at it is that this is injury is one of the cheapest surgeries!

However, the good news is that I am getting the same exact treatment (maybe better if my insurance stunk) than if I had insurance.  I have discovered that I lucked out with a highly-regarded surgeon and his staff rocks.  His procedure is an aggressive approach with early weight-bearing.

And to finish this hello world, I am 41 and a writer in the film industry.  I’ve been told that I am a text-book case…good shape, no previous history of anything, simple rupture on the bottom and no need for post-op mobility since I work at home.  And since this is my left foot, I can borrow my girlfriend’s car and drive (my damn car is a stick).  I am positive about the operation and look forward to all the ice cream I can eat afterwards.  Or wait…is that for tonsils?

In any case, thanks for reading and look forward to this newfound family.  Hope you all have speedy recoveries.

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  1. Best of luck with your surgery. I had mine on Thursday May 1 so I guess that puts me at day 2! Day 0 was pain free due to the anesthetic they put in before they closed me up. Day 1 was painful, but Day 2 is surprisingly ok…no pain as long as foot stays elevated.

    I too found strange comfort in joining this club….we are not alone!!

  2. daveleft -

    Glad to have you with us and good luck with the surgery. Sorry about your insurance situation, but Jim has some very useful pointers on Tom’s post about cost of medical care to lower your healthcare bill.

    Keep us posted on the recovery. :)

    By the way, have you written for any films that I would recognize?

  3. Thanks for the kind words of support, tennisjunkie. And I certainly am hoping for a pain free Day 2!

    Dennis, thanks again. Actually, I think I found this great site with a google search about health care costs and that page is what led me to my own blog! I will certainly have something to add when all is said and done with my treatment. Jim’s pointers did, in fact, help a great deal.

    I have not written any films you would recognize as my projects are in what is known as development hell. But…I have worked on a couple of pics that you may know. Two of ‘em are Starship Troopers and The 6th Day. Wish the treatment they used on Johnny Rico was available to us!

    I had one question. I tried the search function but couldn’t find any discussions here on supplements (like glucosamine/chondroitin or Cissus RX). Has there been any talk about this? I’d love to know the gang’s opinion.

    Will definitely let you know how recovery goes. Thanks!

  4. daveleft -

    There were a few comments regarding supplements, but I haven’t seen any posts about them. Glucosamine/chondroitin are for joints, so I don’t know if they would be of any help in healing your achilles. Plus, I don’t know if their effectiveness have been scientifically proven.

    I do take them for my knees every once in a while only because I happen to have them, but I don’t think I’ll be buying refills. There really is no way for me to know if they are actually helping. If someone has any references to (long or short term) studies on them, I’d love to read it..

  5. Daveleft.

    Sorry to have to welcome you to our club. As for Glucosamine supplements—good for joints, arthritis type condition but not necessarily for soft tissue damage…tendon, ligaments, muscles.
    As with anything there are comflicting research on the benefits, some say best thing since sliced bread, others just as good as a placebo. I recommend to patients to try for 2-3 months see how they feel, then stop for a month..If they notice a significant improvement while on it than spend the money.

    Go slow, write an academy award screenplay and you’ll look back on this with a smile….LOL

    let us know if you have any questions.

    Doc Ross

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