Day 22

Third PT appointment and I was allowed to get on the recumbent bike for ten minutes…without my boot.  Man, it felt good.  I have probably 50% more ROM already then when I started last week.  The scar is just about healed and looks good.  I should be able to get it wet (a real shower!) [...]

The First Mile!

Just ran the first mile…on the NYC Marathon tracker, that is.  Only 25 more to go!
I just had my first PT session today.  As I believe I’m in an aggressive protocol, I thought others might like to know what treatment I’m going through.  A quick recap:  injury on April 28, surgery on May 5 (put [...]

First Post-Op Appointment/Day 8

Went in today without knowing what to expect.  I had been elevating and icing and doing all the protocols as suggested.  The P.A. cut off my wrap/splint and everything looked good…good healing, very little swelling, no pain.  She said maybe I’ll go into the boot.  That got me excited after all the talk around here [...]

Day 2

Day 2 and all’s well.  Except for that gauze wrapped thing at the end of my leg.  According to my surgeon, everything went perfectly.  I am keeping the foot elevated and iced.  Surprisingly very little pain.  Even when I get up, there is the rush of blood but not too uncomfortable.
The surgery went fast.  I [...]

Hello world!

Hello, y’all!  Not exactly thrilled to join the club but it sure is nice to know that this seems to be a fantastic community.  And, obviously, a big thanks to Dennis for creating this world.
My injury?  Almost exactly (to the game of the night) as Dennis.  Monday, April 2,  Los Angeles.  Playing basketball in an [...]