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There’s always next year…

Well here I am, almost a year since I tore my achilles playing rugby. At the time both my surgeon and physio said it would be a minimum of a year before I’d be playing again, sadly it seems that they were both correct. Despite my best efforts I will be missing the majority of this season, on the plus side this has nothing to do with the tendon itself and everything to do with the calf muscle mass lost during the rehabilitation process. As I mentioned in my first post (I think), the position I play requires a lot of leg power and balance and as my calf is still 25% smaller and 30% weaker than my other leg, I made the decision not to play again until both legs are equally as strong.

For the majority of this season at least I will have to give up my place in the scrum for a place on the bench….as a water-boy =)

Everything else on the other hand is fine, did have a slight hiccup a few weeks back where I had a micro tear in my calf…a result of me pushing myself too hard to build up the muscle mass. At least I learned something and wont be doing that again, I knew then it was far from the brightest idea I’ve ever had but I guess we all do irrational things from time to time.

This time I’m making no plans for a come back date, just going to play it by ear and let my body tell me when its ready to get out on the field again.

Good luck to all with your recoveries