Discomfort & Heel Pain

Had another PT session on Friday. We focused a lot more ankle strengthening and balance this time round. All in all it was a good session and was given a few more things to work on at home.

I have however felt a fair bit of pain developing on the back of my heel. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone about it at the moment as most of the city has been on holiday for Chinese New Year. I’m pretty sure the pain is my own doing as a result of walking around far more than I should be doing and not elevating and icing as much as I should have. There are no visible bruises and there is no tendon pain, just the area behind the heel feels very tender. Has anyone else experienced this before? I guess I need to slow down a bit more and really concentrate on my limitations and not walk around for hours on end.

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  1. "Frouchie" or "Grouchie", or just "Chris" on February 17th, 2010

    Lately during PT and while I work my foot a little on my own, I’ve been feeling pain in the arch of my feet and in the heels. Yes I said feet not foot. I asked the PT while I was there today about it and the PT says most people do have some sort of Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Fasciitis causes stabbing pain in the Heels of the foot that usually occurs with your very first steps in the morning. Once your foot limbers up, the pain of plantar fasciitis normally decreases, but it may return after long periods of standing or after getting up from a seated position.

    I’m told it will go away, but it isn’t going away fast enough for me.

    Good Luck!!

    “Slow and Steady Wins THIS Race”

  2. dave02 on February 18th, 2010

    Thanks for the info. The good news is the pain has started to go away. Still there in the mornings, but after a few steps it seems to go. I’ll have a word with my physio about it during my session tomorrow.

    The problem now is the swelling, again I attribute this to the amounts of walking I’ve been doing recently and the lack of icing and raising my foot. Should probably step it down another gear and take things a little more easy. Just been enjoying the freedom of walking around without crutches and a boot a little too much.

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