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2 Shoes and 1 Wrecked Boot

Had my boot removed last week and now in 2 shoes (with ¼ inch heel lifts)…what a feeling! The timing was about right to remove the boot as I pretty much wore it to destruction, there were cracks and mud everywhere as I have been doing my best to stay active and not lay around on the sofa all day. Needless to say my physio wasn’t all that impressed with my destroying the boot but was happy with the fact that I’ve gained a lot of ankle and muscle strength with all the walking and other activities I’ve been doing.

The first few steps out of the boot were really my first steps out of the boot. I hadn’t tried walking around the house without the boot as some people on here seem to do, I didn’t want to risk it. The first couple of steps were pretty awkward, made or so by the fact I did them in front of a giant mirror and saw how tiny my calf is now in relation to the rest of my body. All I could really do was laugh, look at my physio and say “I think you might have your work cut out for you.” This was based on our earlier conversations about regaining the same leg power prior to the injury.

The first few days out of the boot had been interesting. In the boot I was getting around at a fairly normal speed, without, my ankle feels a little stiff and I’m taking things a lot slower. I’ve found myself concentrating on every step I take thinking about heel placement, balance, stride length…etc. I’ve also found going down stairs a lot more difficult than going up, 1 step at a time and sideways.

Still have a long road ahead, I’m just happy to have reached another milestone without pain or discomfort.