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First mini PT session

Was back at the rehab center again today. Met with my physio, was asked the routine questions, any pain? Not related to my tendon, [a few days ago I was dealing with the ball off my foot and my heel being saturated in sweat (been moving around a lot) and had pruned up, gone white and was tender at times. Easily treated with a daily powdering and hiking dry sock], any slips or falls? No, have you been doing your isometric exercises? Yes.

She took off my boot did the routine tests and then said she wanted to use a magnetic pulse machine to help with the circulation and reduce the swelling. I’ve read that ultrasounds is commonly used by this was new to me. After that treatment was finished she then asked me to do some outward hip extensions and knee raises, I was a little surprised my this and wasn’t really expecting to do any PT, nor was I dressed for the part, I planned to go straight to work after my appointment. Was walked to the machines and did what I was told, I did have a bit of trouble in the beginning separating my gym mindset to my PT mindset and asked to put more and more weight on. I was shot down immediately and was reminded that I was not the to workout but there to sort my leg out. She said I have been making good progress and am on schedule, I’m just thankful my calf hasn’t shrunk anymore.

Next appointment on the 28th to remove a wedge from my boot and go from 20 down to 10 degrees, looking forward to it.