Basically 2 weeks post-op

I had my injury 12 days ago, so far - here is my experience.

I took pain killers for the first 3 days after surgery and - like many - tried to get away from them as soon as possible.

The first few days - it was really important to elevate my foot very high, as it is suggested.  I could actually see the purple go out of the toes when you lift it up.

On day 6 I went back to work for a while - I have a desk job - so as long as I just sat at the desk, with my foot elevated it was good.  I worked 5 hours, then 6, then a full 8 for the rest of the week.  I didn’t think it was too bad, all things considered.  It was relatively easy to keep my foot elevated.  I experienced some cramp-like calf pain - felt like the lower calf was cramping - and of course couldn’t do much about it.  This lasted for about 2 days (days 7&8)

The temporary cast started unraveling on about day 10, I have repaired it a little but it needs more work.

I have had a couple of twitches while sleeping where I must have tightened my calf muscle or something and it felt like I was stretching the tendon a little.  Quite painful and it was difficult to get back to sleep after. (I have read other blogs with similar experiences)

One question that has been on my mind - and I know it is just playing with my mind is - When I go to the doctor - is he going to tell me that one of my twitches re-ruptured the tendon?

The last couple of days I have what I would consider “incision” pain - it feels like the cast is pushing against the suchers or something - if I get the right position is seems ok.

I can’t get in to see my surgeon until the 3-week mark (August 20) I am a little bummed by this but I realize I just need to take time and let it heal - maybe this will teach me some patience.

Otherwise - I don’t do much, TV, computer, books, and try and play with my family (5 yr old and a 2 yr old)

My wife is having a hard time with all this too, pretty overwhelming - -I feel sorry for all the extra work I have caused her - I’ll just have to get her something nice for Christmas.  I can’t wait to get back to a position where I can help her out again.

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  1. tennisjunkie says:

    I would be amazed if one of your leg twitches causes a rerupture. Twitches are common, but do not appear harmful. So, I would not worry about that.

    I felt incision pain too, and was so concerned that I had the cast removed halfway into the 3.5 week casting period. The incision was just fine, but the cast rubbed my skin and hurt. The doctor provided more padding and recasted me.

    August 20th will be here soon - keep on being a patient patient….it is the best you can do for healing. Good luck.

  2. jonathan9 says:

    Hi Daryl,
    I’m Non-surgical, but the twitches are no uncommon apparently, they are the severed nerve ending re-firing.

    Hang in there sunshine.


  3. Ash says:

    Mate shouldn’t worry about the twitches

    I had a fall about 1.5 weeks after surgury and when I got the inital cast removed he said it went well. I told him about the fall and he didn’t seem to worried. I must admit that the fall hurt more than the original injury but went away pretty quick.

    I’ve got one more week in the boot and then hopefully I can walk around again.

    By the looks of it its just a waiting game, I wish I found this site earlier but hey good to see that we’re all in the same boat.

    Heres to sitting down and doing nothing for a while, but can’t wait to be able to have this thing off my foot!!!


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