Well, I’m here  - Achillesblog.com.

I suffered a complete rupture of my right Achilles on Tuesday night @ 9PM (July 29th, 2008) while water skiing.

I am a slalom skiier and was rounding 3 ball when the ski virtually stopped in its tracks and I went forward.  My front foot (left) came out of the binding and my back foot did not.

I could tell right away it wasn’t good.  Once I removed my foot, you could see a dent in my ankle where the tendon should have been.  Straight to the hospital and had sugery the next morning to repair.

So, now it is Friday - and I am beginning to learn how to recover.

4 Responses to “My Beginning”
  1. damacar says:

    Hang in there. This site has saved my sanity in the last few months. Be prepared, you’re going to learn ALOT from all of us!!

  2. annieh says:

    This site,set up by Dennis has been the salvation for us all. Full of humour, pain, advice, chat, brilliant people all in the same position and helping each other.

    So glad you found us so soon, keep reading and you will learn something each day.

    Remember, you must rest first week as much as possible.

    Good luck

  3. sanfrantourguide says:

    Welcome aboard! You will love this site. As well as a great big stack of books, movies, and food delivered to the bed…

    YOu’ll be amazed at all the differences in progress, the protocols from different doctors, etc.

    So tell us all about yours, but also, how it goes emotionally and so on, because that is what makes a good read for us stranded ATR victims.

    At least, speaking for myself! Tell us how you FEEL!!!


  4. m3521 says:

    Hope your recovery is going well. I ruptured mine the 28th, so I am on the same track.

    Good Luck


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