My non surgical Achilles Tendon rupture recovery

I am an active 66 year old female…On November 9th 2016 I was walking on wet leaves and slipped, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf as I stopped a face plant very close to my car! A very awkward fall. I was on my way to Senior Classes at a local University..
Got back into car took off shoes could not feel a Tendon, I knew this was not good, so my Husband drove me to an Urgent care center. A Nurse Practitioner looked after me, she did the Thompson test no foot movement. Took X-ray. Sent me to Orthopedic Walk in clinic the next day. They took another X-ray ( waisted money) then was seen by a Physician Assistant who sent me for a stat MRI, then referred me to a Foot and Ankle MD. ( Thursday to Tuesday). Tuesday Dr did Thompson test after looking at MRI, said it was total tear, here is the boot with large wedge, wear 24/7 for 2 weeks no bathing, no weight bearing. I asked about surgery she said will you be jumping? I said no, but I travel a lot and walk on uneven walkways, hike up mountains. She said no surgery!!! She then gave me a sheet of paper told me to see PT at 4 weeks. I started to ask a question she said here is the protocol (the sheet of paper) follow it!! She walked out. Her Medical Assistant came in and put a big black heavy boot on. I was to see her again Dec. 27.
PT started December 28th he had me do minimal exercises. Mostly exercises to do at home. Showed me how to properly use crutches. That was a big deal and helped..
December 27th, MD day comes, she walks in and says why are you still in crutches??? I answer I’m following what PT says. She then takes out paper she gave me day 1 and starts to yell at me!!! You are suppose to be weight bearing. I think that I am but I’m weight bearing with crutches. ( paper doesn’t say stop using crutches) She says no more crutches, hands them to my Husband. Then tells me I am adding three more weeks with your boot, and BTW take out last wedge next week!! I am shocked and totally crushed thinking I am about to cry.. who talks like this to a patient. My ego has been wounded. Now I’m thinking I hate this very young 30ish Doctor without a heart!!! Could not find another Foot and Ankle Dr. In my area that took my insurance… this brings me to week 10.
Week 10 January 18 PT has me in shoes, out of boot. Shows me how to walk with shoes, have to say to myself when walking heel toe, heel toe. Today is January 22 and walking is not easy… yesterday walked for most of the day as I was out. I brought a cane just in case. When I got home I had some swelling. Iced it.
My exercises are with bands, yellow, orange now green- resisted plantar flexion, resisted eversion, resisted inversion, and resisted dorsmexion.
I did look at Utube Agnes S., she utubed her progress. This was very helpful.
Finding this blog has been so helpful….wish I found it earlier..
What I’ve learned is that this is a very slow recovery. A little stressful at times. I’ve been able to get through this by focusing on one day at a time…and just staying in the day. Lastly it is what it is!!! Trying very hard to say positive!! Thanks for letting me share..
Oh, I see Dr again February 7th!!

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