7.5 month - 10 miler

Over a month since I have posted, so thought time to update. Big news is I ran the Baltimore 10 miler today. I took it very easy and much slower than i use to run (not that i was ever fast). But as this was my first race in over 2.5 years (and 10 miles) I was just happy to run.

I am still nowhere near a 100%, but closer than i thought i would be at 7 monthd. There is still swelling and i could feel the foot the whole way. So I am going to try to limit myself to shorter runs, in hope of getting pain free running (or at least not pain from the foot).

6 month update

Six months to the day since surgery, so time to post an update.
Overall things are progressing well. Slower than i would like, but have to remind myself that Doc told me a year to recover.

The swelling still persists but coming down slowly and, most importantly, allowing some light running. Started a few weeks ago, and managed 3 runs a week with no major adverse effects. Sticking to run-walk strategy and short runs with at least one day between. Up to 4 miles at 5min - 1min run-walk.

Still not sure I am out of the woods, but more positive than I was a month ago.

Week 23

Not updating site as often now as not much to report. The very slow recovery continues, and need to wait several weeks to convince myself there is improvement. I still have persistent swelling, but I think reducing a little. I am sticking to plan of no strengthening or PT, and just stretching and cardio. I can now regularly walk 5 miles and done several 20 mile rides. Feel it during the walking and riding but not pain, and more importantly no major after affects.

I am getting close to trying to run (or more precisely jog) during one of my walks. However (the more sensible) part of me says forget the running and focus on cycling. I suspect the try-running voice in my head will win.

Week 20 update

Haven’t updated status for a few weeks. Was waiting until some positive news to report. It’d not that positive, but I am now back to how I was 5 weeks ago and back to a regular exercise schedule.

Part of the delay recovering from flair up was a work trip to Buenos Aires. Traveling for 17 hrs, with overnight flight, followed by a day walking around buenos aires was not a clever idea. Wasn’t helped by having 30 min walk to /from meeting venue each day for following week. Foot was very relieved when got home and spent a couple of days elevated.

I still have persistent swelling which has PT stumped. Also not clear what caused the flair up, although i suspect eccentrics. I have stopped all strengthening exercises and also PT visits, and going to focus on stretching and (non running) cardio. Time might be the only solution.

AchilloTrain Support


Has anyone heard of or even used the AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support


My swelling is not going away and wondering if this is an option. It is expensive, so very hesitant.

Week 16: Struggling

Past couple of weeks have been a struggle. Physically as well as mentally. Just when I though I was making progress my foot “flared” and is swollen and at time quite painful. I have backed off most of strengthening and walks, and it is slowly settling down.

Unfortunately this feels all too familiar. I went through cycles of slow improvement followed by flares that removed any progress for over a year before surgery. So this has started to raise doubts in mind as to whether the surgery will cure my issues. I know too early to give up, but it’s a struggle, especially when don’t know what causes the flares.

On top of the above I have an interesting week coming up. Have a week long work trip to Buenos Aires and hotel is 30 min walk from meeting venue. Not too sure how the foot will hold up. At least weather will be a lot better.

Keloid scar questions

Had 3 month check up with surgeon. He thinks that some of my swelling and soreness is related to the scar from the incision (I evidently have a keloid scar), and then need to try to reduce the keloid. He recommended scar cream (midema?) and silicone sheets. Anyone have experience / success with either of these?

He also said that far that I have a keloid scare could be related to why I have struggles with tendonisis. I guess if scar on skin doesn’t heal very well then might be same for a tendon.

The upshot from the meeting is that I am going to have be very patient as my healing will be on the slow side. Hmm, not know for my patience.

3 months: continued slow progress.

Seems like I have been saying the same thing, “Not much change but small signs of improvement”, for last 4 weeks. So why stop now. I have increased distance of walks to 3.5 miles, getting better at eccentrics, and don’t find myself limping as often. Also down to PT once a week. All little steps in right direction. I am not sure I much further along physically than last post, but I feel more positive. Especially when I remind myself I am only just over 3 months post surgery.

Week 12: more of the same

Not much to report, and blogging just so I have a record. Signs of continued progress but very slow. Weather put a stop to plans for regular walks, but did manage a 2.5 mile walk this morning ( icing now). Still going to PT twice a week, and progressed to single leg eccentric exercises (but supporting myself a lot with railing). Have a 2 day work trip starting this evening, so we see how foot holds up.

Week 11: some progress

A little bit of progress over last week. But still frustrated by swelling above incision which is limiting some movement. However limp is going away. Especially when I focus on my walk.

I volunteered at local running club race this morning. Was good to see a lot of running peeps and to be outside. Made me realize how little time I have spent outside over last 3 months. Weather was so nice I even went for a 1.5 mile walk when I got home. I was feeling foot at the end, but better now i have iced it. Hopefully can slowly ncrease the distance I can walk.

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