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Awake…Again…and BORED!

Hello-  This is my first post and my first ATR.  I was in a boot all last summer for apparent Achilles tendinitis, which turned out to be chronic nerve pain.  So I decided to get back into sports.  Great idea!  Played one ball hockey game and a few slo-pitch games.  Sunday June 14th, 2009 I was rounding second base in the tournament final when “POP”!  Face down in the dirt!  Funny thing is, it’s not the same foot as last summer!  It felt like someone had nailed me in the back of the foot with a throw, but no such luck!

Ambulance ride to the ER, scheduled surgery for the next day.  I’m three and a half weeks post op and I’m going craaaaaazy!  I’ve been in fibre glass cast for two weeks, staples are out, incision healed well.  I can’t handle the sitting!  Foot up.  Sit down.  Foot up.  Sit down.  UGH!  I just want to get on with the rehab already, but I’m another two weeks complete NWB says my surgeon and still in this cast.  Hence the web searching for more info and VOILA - I find a group of people going as stir crazy as I am!  This waiting period is a rather big downer, but I’m guessing I can do more harm than good if I don’t listen.  A friend told me I should try and get into the Achilles Boot my surgeon prescribed earlier than the 6 week mark.  Any advice?

Day Seven

Day Seven - Staples - YUCK