FWB or 2-shoes?

Today is my 6 weeks+first day since injury. Went to my doctor this morningĀ for removal of the cast. Having read blog postings of those ahead of me, I was expecting to get a air-cast boot. He checked my leg out, told me that he was very happy with the progress and told me to go home and follow through with my PT. That’s it, no boots, nothing.

He told me to start putting weight on my leg, work on flexibility, and go on with life. He also told me to be patient and pay attention to PT.

I am happy to be off the cast. I am still using the crutches but I can stand on both feet easily. I can walk with little support from crutches but don’t feel comfortable completely ditching them yet. Stairs already feel much more easier with the stability of both feet (holding onto the rails & crutches). Naturally, I am far far from walking normally yet.

So, am I FWB or is it 2-shoes? Don’t know, don’t care. Happy to be on my feet again and looking to work on my flexibility & calf strength. Speaking of my calf, boy, the atrophy is scary. My right (bad) leg looks half the size of the left one. Not sure if it will ever get back to what it used to be but I sure will try.

Anyway, I am happy to fast forward to standing on both feet without having things attached to my leg. It is a good feeling.

Wish all a speedy recovery. I am working on my own.

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  1. As you had issues with your AT before rupture I would be very careful with it now.
    Listen well to your PT and do not over do it. Do not do things that hurt your AT. Take it slow.

    Yes now comes the hard part. You want to do all the things but you have to be extra careful.
    While you had your leg in cast, you could not injure it again. But now you can.

    I have learnt the hard way.

    I had no issues at all with my AT before rupture. I had the conservative treatment (cast for 7 weeks and FWB boot for 4 weeks) and did my PT twice a day at home, but I walked too much, had flare ups and rerutured it at week 18.

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