Summary up to Week 5 post injury - still in cast

I just found out about this site. So, here is my story, which covers from the day of injury to week-5.

I injured my right AT while playing soccer. Up until the injury, I have had a series of AT issues, which I realized after the fact that I could have taken better care of. I have had an active lifestyle up until the injury. While I was younger (read high school & university years), I regularly played soccer (nothing competitive but 2-4 times per week). Later on, I picked up squash and mountain biking as my higher-impact activities. My soccer games became much less in frequency, dropping to about a few times a year in the past five years. I also have had tight calf muscles and poor flexibility. I pay attention to properly warming up before playing sports but stretching has never been an exciting thing for me. Well, now, I am paying for it.

Earlier this summer, I was happy to join a local league and start playing soccer again. The first two games were ok but I felt tightness in my calf at the third game of the season. I left the field, applied ice, saw my doctor, and followed her advice (take anti-inflammatory medication & don’t play for two weeks). Two weeks later, it was the fourth game of the season. Arrived at the field a bit early to spend a bit more time warming up & stretching. Game started when I thought I was good to go. Just a few minutes into the game, while chasing a ball, I felt like someone took a good kick at my right heel. I also heard a “klunk.” Next thing I know, I was lying on the ground and was fully aware of what happened to me. Still optimistic, I asked my teammates if anyone kicked me. They gave me a puzzled look and told me “no.”

Long story short, I was carried out of the field. Paramedics arrived and confirmed what I thought was the case. I went to ER that evening, got a temporary splint and an appointment to see a doctor in the morning. My doctor recommended conservative treatment (no operation) as “there were still a few fibers” holding myAT. First cast was put with my foot in a “toes down” position. That cast stayed for four weeks, until last week.

Last week, my doctor removed the cast and told me that it was all healing well. Although I was mentally prepared to see a miserable leg (atrophied and limp), the sight was still depressing. Between casts, I cleaned up as much dead skin as possible while trying not to move my foot.

A new cast is put with my foot in a more natural angle (but still not 90-deg). Now, I am on day 33 of my total 42 days (6 weeks). I booked my PT on the day after my cast is scheduled to come off. I hear that PT is the painful part of the healing process (I have had almost no pain so far) and I am so motivated to get it through.

A few resolutions came out of this experience:

  1. Learn to stretch and do it!
  2. Get into flexibility-increasing activities - yoga anyone?
  3. Bite the bullet, take the pain, go through PT as quickly as possible (but not too quickly).

Now, a few questions:

  1. Please let me know your cronology for recovery. I know this wildly varies from person to person but I am curious to know how long it takes to get rid of the crutches/canes, how long till first sports activity, etc.
  2. All suggestions are welcome regarding improving the recovery process

I wish everyone a speedy and full recovery.

2 Responses to “Summary up to Week 5 post injury - still in cast”

  1. Yoga seems like a great idea. I wonder how long you need to wait to so something like that post-injury. Seems like it could be hard on the AT.

    Good luck with your recovery.

  2. Hey there,

    I suffered a complete rupture on May 29th and my consultant decided on conservative treatment, I was in a numerous casts and various degrees for 5 weeks. then on July 1 my doc said I could go into the aircast ans start weight baring. I used 2 crutches for a week then one crutch and now I’m not using any for short distances. You sound like you are doing really well, I’ve been told it will be 3 months of PT until I can strat non competitive sports. I can’t wait to start PT (7th august)

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