6 wk + 2 days post injury

My cast came off yesterday (6 wk+1 day post injury, conservative treatment) and my doc sent me home. He did not give me a boot and told me to follow PT and do things that I am comfortable with. It was a great relief to get the cast off my leg. Felt light and airy [...]

FWB or 2-shoes?

Today is my 6 weeks+first day since injury. Went to my doctor this morning for removal of the cast. Having read blog postings of those ahead of me, I was expecting to get a air-cast boot. He checked my leg out, told me that he was very happy with the progress and told me to go [...]

Top ten reasons to look on the bright side of an ATR recovery period

10.You get a preview of old age, when you will need a cane to walk.
9. You never need to think about an ice-breaker in parties.
8. Helps you slow down in life and savor the moment.
7. You have a good excuse for not doing chores.
6. You get a break at work/home/wherever.
5. Suddenly, everybody wants to talk [...]

Summary up to Week 5 post injury - still in cast

I just found out about this site. So, here is my story, which covers from the day of injury to week-5.
I injured my right AT while playing soccer. Up until the injury, I have had a series of AT issues, which I realized after the fact that I could have taken better care of. I have [...]